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Topic: Slow Loading Times

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    Slow Loading Times

    I\'ve been experiencing slower and slower loading times lately. Is it because I\'ve checked the \"convert to 32 bit\" button in the options? I\'m loading MUCH bigger samples in Giga studio in a fraction of the time it takes to load the GPO Samples. It seems like they use to load pretty fast. I\'m using it in Sonar 3 Producer with 1 gig or ram on an athlon 1400.

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    Re: Slow Loading Times

    I\'ve noticed this too. It seemed like the loads for the GPO player slowed way down on the update patch.

    As a point of comparison, last night I tried loading the full GPO Steinway piano into the GPO player and the load took a good 7-8 minutes.

    I was able to load the same patch into Kontakt (standalone) in about 7-8 seconds.

    Even though I own Kontakt, I wanted to use the player for a couple of reasons: one, I like the uncluttered interface better and the fact that it shows the note and keyswitch mappings for the patches. The other is NI\'s insistance on making the pedal mode universal to all instances. So, at least I could set the GPO player to legato and Kontakt to standard sustain mode for appropriate patches.

    However, this load time thing is making me rethink.

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    Re: Slow Loading Times

    I reported this issue to NI about 2 weeks ago. It used to take me about 30 seconds to load one of my pieces. Now it takes about 4 minutes.

    The weird thing is that I loaded up another piece and it only took about 10 seconds. Loaded my original piece and it only took 30 seconds. Went back to the other piece and it took about one minute. This doesn\'t make much sense.

    This appears to be a hit and miss thing with some people having the issue and others not. I\'ve had it in Sonar using the VST version. The standalone version also has the same problem.

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    Re: Slow Loading Times

    I have reported this same problem already - I also noticed this with the upgrade. Also, I cannot use the remove intrument function anymore - or maybe I can - but I am just not patient enought to wait the minutes needed. In any case - something ain\'t quite right.

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    Re: Slow Loading Times

    Yep, I\'m having the same problem. The loading time has been increased significantly since I installed the Kontakt Player update.

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