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Topic: GPO Ambience Verb -- How to Register?

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    GPO Ambience Verb -- How to Register?

    When (and how) does the Ambience Reverb get registered? I can see the DLL on Disk #4, but it\'s no where to be found on my hard drives -- and it doesn\'t show up in Sonar. GPO itself is working great (so far -- but I\'ve only had it for a few hours).

    Must have missed a step somewhere...???

    WinXP -- AMD Athlon 1800+ -- 1 gig Mem

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    Re: GPO Ambience Verb -- How to Register?

    I got -- actually read the Sonar manual and figured it out. The secret was in discovering that Garritan Ambience is a VST plug-in. Sonar\'s VST adapter knew how to deal with it.

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