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Topic: Why can't I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

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    Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    I\'m trying really hard. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Any suggesstions?

    Piano and orchestra

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Nothing wrong with that at all! THUMBS UP!

    It\'s a totally different style - and there could be some performance tweaks here in there in the trumpets and strings - but it\'s all there...

    ...keep \'em coming.

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Here\'s a suggestion, don\'t compare yourself to others, learn from others. So ask yourself \"what can I learn from Franchesco Marchetti?\".

    Besides that, keep up the good work!

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Sounds like you\'re composing more like rJames - and this is as it should be.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Actually, I meant it tounge in cheek. Sort of. Francesco\'s stuff is so clean and concise. (well I\'ve learned that so far)

    Thanks for positive remarks. For my own critique: I wish there were more subtle percussion. Something to drive it.
    Also, more dynamics. There are a couple of levels there but not the kind of breathing room that Francesco imparts.
    There are so many different sounds in an orchestra and then multiply by articulations.
    Are there too many musical lines? Or maybe I\'ve just mixed it badly?

    I have to edit and edit and edit to get levels balanced. I guess experience with GPO will help that.

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Hi to everyone,

    rJames your work is really good, full of fantasy and colours. I\'m glad that someone aim to compose like me [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] . My minor suggest is to pay attention to the dynamics and tempo track which seems to be a little bit mechanic.
    I think that the only thing you need is more confidence with the library, and maybe a little bit more listening to real instruments, just to catch the way they play. If you can imagine how (for ex.) an oboe should play a line, surely you can do it with GPO. However also experience with real orchestras do a lot.

    Your composition it\'s very powerful, and the piano line is amazing as your knowledge in harmony (I should learn from you also)...just a little more feeling with the orchestral instruments...that\'s all.

    good job
    PS don\'t hesitate to contact me for everything on this topic by private message.

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Ouch! There\'s not a single note in here from a home keyboard (maybe that\'s the problem).

    I\'ve spent so-o-o-o much time editing MOD curves and placing notes. Especially listen to that Eb in the strad solo violin in the 4th bar after the first section but before the refrain. Doesn\'t it just come in smooth??

    I\'m a real composer. I just composed this reply!


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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Hi rJames,

    Lots of complexity and nice counterpoints. At the violin phrase beginning at :24, wonder what would happen if you tried less attack? I did not feel a lack of percussion as you do.

    I liked the piano playing too, but am totally lost when you say you \"did not play on the keyboard\". Are you saying that you opened your sequencer, and by hand on the staff, created every note? Or did you perhaps play the virtual keyboard via mouse note by note and create that way? Also maybe I need to differentiate between how you compose the intial piece and how you begin arranging and sequencing. Maybe you compose base work by physically playing the keyboard, but when it comes to actual creation of tracks, this is where you program note by note?



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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Double post

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    Re: Why can\'t I compose like Franchesco Marchetti?

    Hi, Joanne. You double posted and I thought 2 more people had listened and commented. Darn.

    But thanks very much for listening.

    There is no keyboard connected to this computer. I have an Oxygen8 on my other computer.

    I write by hearing the major stuff in my head and then inputting via mouse on the \"piano roll\" in Logic (Matrix editor)

    Sometimes I just start inputting without hearing anything but thinking about a mathematical structure. For instance on this piano part I decided to start with the slow arpeggio from low to high. Then the next notes were just there because I had arrived at them. And the next chords were there also after the final quick arpeggio.

    The song just wrote itself by the fact that I started it.

    After a while the music just stops and I\'m in a corner so I have to figure a musical way out or a transition.

    The \"problems\" that I create become creative inspirations themselves.

    In the middle, I decided I wanted to go back to the opening theme. So I decided to use the first note as a (quarter note) pickup. As the last note from the previous section. So the time change is there but not there.

    The last time I play the theme only on piano, I put the first note on 4 again and it didn\'t sound right so I waited and moved it over to the next measure at 1.

    So there is a time change there also. Even though I wrote this piano piece first, I decided that I wanted to hold back on letting it be there all alone until the end.

    I can\'t play. (I do play guitar a bit)

    Me on guitar/synthetic jazz band

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