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Topic: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

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    Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    Better with a topic of its own .. aight
    Relax, it\'s a dream
    If anyone would like to here something that i\'ve done. Its just a little bit of the full piece it one day will be. I remember the first time i wrote on this .. i woke up with a hangover without done any drinking, and with an urge to do something.. ya knoooo [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Uh.. you will be directed to the site .. choose relax from there pleeaassee .
    Swallow is a \"hit\" =) i wrote .. well, you have to listen through it to understand .. and the other one is something i\'ve just started working on

    About relax.. I need some tips on how to make the rythm sound more natural .. i have no idea how it\'s supposed to be done. Any tip on how to delete the mudd is also welcome.

    By the way, there is no need for bad critism like \"i dont like it\" or something like that. It\'s connected with my soul, so any comments like that is a personal insult - and it hurts me and my creativity. If you dont like it there is always a stop-button, but no need to tell me that .. okay. Thank you Heeh .. why am i so protective? [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    I remember when 1M of ram cost a fortune. I can\'t actually remember to those days but I do remember paying at least a $1,000 for 32M of RAM. But that is another thread.

    I\'m a newbie to orchestration too, so take my comments with that in mind.

    You\'ve got too much too steady. Break your harmony down to 4-6 elements. (I think you may be playing a lush string with chords like an organ-don\'t do that)

    When you have the 4-6 or 8 elements then switch them around. Play the melody on the violin then play it on the FR horns. Thin it out to bare bones then build it back up by adding only necessary harmonies.

    Sometimes taking out harmonies will leave a new sound that you didn\'t know was there. AS someone in another thread said, (at least in some places) use wide open chords.

    If you have a triad, for instance, play the tonic in the bass and cello, the third way up on top in the violin and the fifth somewhere in the middle registers on viola or better yet play the fifth in another section.

    If you vary things arbitrarily, like that, you\'ll find sounds that you\'ll like. (and some that you don\'t like)

    The snare throughout gives it a marching sound. You could lose it for a while, let things rest, play some longer notes (lose the main melody and play only sustained harmonies) then go back to the snare and get moving again.

    Play with it like there are colored building blocks in front of you. Move them around so that its all red on top then all blue on top then mixed evenly and so on.

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    Awesome! Just the kind of answer i was looking for [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I actually don\'t play the strings as chords, but i can see your point. There is too much. I was born in the technoschool so I always have that \'loud\' sound in the back of my head, so it\'s hard for me to think \'subtle\'. I found one rule from what you wrote: \"When adding a new instrument you are supposed to hear it\" .. hehe
    By the way, do you match your works to the tempo or do you just play it .. \"off beat\"? If you do the first, have you got any tips on how to make that melody you play without bpmsync to go synced?

    Best regards


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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    Dude your link redirects so you have to rightclick and download to get the file.

    I too am inexperienced. But I would recommend that you start by understanding that the drums in an orchestra do not function as a metronome, They provide musical rythmic accents. Turn off the metronome.

    Then play single lines with each instrument giving each instrument a break now and then. Like the other guy said - strip it down. when you get the song more clearly defined start to add feel - use mod wheel and sustain and velocity. This is tedious but very necessary.

    Finally when you get a handle on expression start using alternate articulations for strings or add instruments as accents.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    \"When adding a new instrument you are supposed to hear it\" .. hehe
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually, I\'ve been told differently by some heavyweights. You certainly should hear it when you write it (if I were the oboe player, I\'d be able to hear the oboe louder than other instruments because I\'m sitting in that seat) But, any line or sub harmony may be just below the audible level when mixed just to add to the harmonic shape of the piece.

    Think of an oboe (sometimes) as adding a harmonic to a synth sound.

    You could build up a pretty cool instrument (section) by thinking of instruments as harmonics that come in and out of the audible range.

    You can play some pretty strange harmonies if they are high enough and subtle enough.

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    Crapbaby, (I do love my play on words [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    I REALLY like your ideas in this. The orchestration, arrangement and production is not ideal though (there goes your feelings!!) I know the latter isn\'t right but I\'m not experienced/clever enough to suggest what is wrong!!

    HOWEVER there is definitely something special about this piece....the relentless Bolero sort of feel, The \'Dance Macabre\' feel. It\'s rather clever as it never quite becomes boring....there\'s always something there and I\'ve had it looping round for sometime. (Some pieces don\'t even make it to the end of the first run cycle!!). I particulary like the melody and chords which seem almost discordant at times......just gives it that bit of edge.

    Please, please do me a favour.....Out of interest would you ask Francesco to rework it!!! Perhaps he would be humble and generous enough to take your core and just \'professionalise\' it.

    That would be really interesting to me (and perhaps others to). I would be cheeky enough to ask Francesco myself, if it was mine, but it would have to be you in this case. I bet if you sent him the MIDI file he could rework it in no time at all.

    How about it Crack....Francesco?????????

    Go on!! Pleassse! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Make an old man very happy!


    \"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.\"- -Edgar Allan Poe

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    I too think it\'s a great composition - sounds like something I did long ago actually [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Of course, I grew up on video game music more then anything else, so I find my tastes are a bit skewed. I\'m also a big electronic music fan, especially IDM type crap. I started out writing these orchestra/glitch type stuff when I was like 12 and thought it was way original. Now I find bjork doing the same exact type of stuff - kinda a let down, to hear \"my\" ideas used someplace else. I guess I shouldn\'t have been so protective of all my personal music [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But anyways, good stuff.

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    After making my last post I realised that my suggestion was extremely unrealistic and ill-considered.

    It would be ridiculous to expect a busy professional (or other hobbyist, for that matter) to spend their valuable time doing what I suggested.

    I\'m afraid I just got carried away! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Apologies!


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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    You are wrong Frank. I\'ll be glad to help everyone with GPO (in my spare time obviously). I\'m a professional Human being, not a superstar! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    I\'ve already helped a guy from Portland, sending him my midifiles and building up some little tutorials. BTW I would like to hear something from you Frank.

    Best, Tseb

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    Re: Crackbabys Relax - a piece by me

    You seem to be a generous, or at the least, an enthusiastic man Francesco, I look forward to seeing some of your tutorials.

    You will eventually hear something from me Francesco, but don\'t hold your breath! I\'m coming back into MIDI music after a number of years in the wilderness and I have quite a large learning curve from where I left off with the purchase of CubaseSX , Kontakt and GPO over Christmas. The last Cubase I used extensively was Cubase Score! although I did upgrade to VST32 which I never used!

    I really should be using this writing time getting on with it, to be honest, but I keep weakening! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I sort of got into the forum writing habit whilst waiting for, and learning about GS2.5/ 3.0!!

    Best Regards


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