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Topic: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

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    Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Announcing a new interactive tour of the instruments of Garritan Personal Orchestra.
    This flash presentation lets you hear some of the instruments in the GPO orchestra in an interactive way with a zooming orchestra map.

    You can view the GPO Audition here:


    Broadband is recommended to view the audition.

    Thanks to James Mireau who did the flash programming and rotoscoping. James also modelled and filmed himself conducting for the Audition.

    Also, there are many new demos and works from users on the GPO site.

    This GPO Audition is an ongoing work in progress and will be updated from time to time. I invite GPO users to submit instrument demos for future inclusion in the Audition.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Simply Outstanding! What a magnificent demo tool. And - for some - learning tool. First class.


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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Excellent! First class effort.

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Excellent, I\'d been waiting for a chance to hear the french horn by itself.

    This does seem a little...incomplete, however. Not every instrument has a demo, while a few have two or even three...and some of the demos do not present the instruments alone, but rather in a multi-instrument piece. But very good job, overall.

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    WOW! How cool is this?

    Bravo Garritan team!!

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Wow. Fantastic presentation, and a great way for someone to learn about the orchestra. Congratulations Gary and team. What a class act... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    Originally posted by Cerrabore:
    This does seem a little...incomplete, however.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thus - Garritan\'s assertion in the first post that it is a \"work in progress\".

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!


    tho I think you\'re doing a diservice to the lib by making the audio clips mono

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    This has to be the best orch library website ever!. It has been so brilliantly thought through.

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION!

    I must say , this is a great link. And I had a better impression of the GPO brass!!!

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