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Topic: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

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    Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    As the title suggests: Does GPO work with Windows ME? May not be getting XP all that soon...

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    I use ME. ME is about Identical with 98SE when it comes to apps like GPO, etc.

    I have been experimenting with GPO for a couple weeks since receiving it. You must copy the discs to your HD and install that way (no big deal, really, but I was frustrated until I was informed about the installer issue under ME).

    I am currently using it in a P3 at 933mghz with 512megs of ram. This is a dinosaur compared to whats out there now. Even though I have trimmed out the windows and have everything operating at peak efficiency (my available system resources are at 96% at startup), I am only able to get one instance of GPO going at one time, unless the music is at a slow tempo with out too much going on at once. Thats without any reverb going.

    Although it is entirely possible to work this way as I am doing now, you will REALLY miss out when you hear about how others are using GPO. I have found that GPO is an important enough product to make me take the plunge when I really cannot afford it! To save money :

    I would strongly recommend you do what I am doing right now, build your PC by buying a new case and mobo w/CPU, then transfer all your drives etc over to the new unit. Buy an OEM version of XP and plan on adding 1 gig of ram.

    The 512megs I currently have cannot be expanded with my mobo and that means I can never load the full piano (and it is great! Just listen to the demos!).

    These case w/mobo/CPU/pwr supply are going really cheap now. I\'m probably going with an AMD Athlon XP 3000.

    (P.S.: I too thought I could live without XP for a while longer. It won\'t do you any good to wait, as there are several really exciting new products like GPO that run better under XP. I also have a copy of Sampletank 2L that is useless unless I go with XP. Also SONAR 3 is important enough an upgrade to justify going XP. It just gos on and on, and so take the plunge now. You\'ll be glad you did as Microsoft runs this whole business of computers, and whatever they say goes...and so goes your Windows ME...)

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    Originally posted by Cerrabore:
    As the title suggests: Does GPO work with Windows ME? May not be getting XP all that soon...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Cerrabore,

    Windows XP is recommended for GPO. NI does not support the player on Win 98/ME and recently Microsoft dropped support. However there is a workaround. If you go to www.garritan.com/support.html we have posted a workaround for Win98/ME users. To get the best functionality, we recommend XP.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    I am also using Windows ME, with only 800Mhz and 384Mbytes RAM.

    I am currently working on piece in the Muzys host with 2 instances of GPO and 10 total instruments (but woodwinds and brass only - they are all fairly small about 1M - 8M each), and one instance of reverb. My CPU meters is about 50% but my memory is almost full.

    I prefer to work with one track at a time and render to audio anyway.

    I am very pleased with the performance of my set up and the GPO Kontakt player. Sure, I cannot load the full GPO piano, but I do not play the piano anyway!

    Hope that helps.


    PS The work-around for the GPO Windows/ME install is very easy.

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    All right, thanks. I will try to get XP.

    By the way, what is the typical amount of time this takes to ship? I ordered it on January 7th, so when might it arrive, approximately?

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    Just an addendum: I didn\'t want to sound like it\'s nearly impossible to work with ME and GPO. I was giving worst case there.

    In NORMAL demands of orchestral music I HAVE been able to get two instances going. I could probably push it to three instances, but I run out of ram!

    Memory is the bigger issue with GPO. It was not designed for less than 1 gig, and I knew that full well when I bought it (but I HAD to have it!). Many of the instruments however will fit into 512megs or less at a time.

    I have decided against the XP upgrade on my old computer (especially from the memory needs of XP--it will eat a bigger chunk than ME or 98SE). Thats why I detailed my upgrade plan for new hardware.

    Btw, since I posted, their has been a small price drop on P4s. I will probably go for one of those and just live with the denormalization issue on the old plugins I have (I\'ll just use them offline).

    And the install problem was EASILY solved for me. I just panicked at first (its what I get for installing at 3:00am!!). Gary explained it and I then remembered it was posted here somewhere anyway.

    GPO is just the greatest thing in sound libraries I\'ve come across in quite a while. I really don\'t see how anybody with a decent PC could go wrong, ultimately.

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    Yes...I\'ve pretty much decided on getting XP now. Thanks.

    Anyone have any info on shipping times?

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    Just one more point about the XP..

    If you have a PC that is constrained in it\'s memory expansion--I\'m limited to 512megs--then by all I have read concerning the upgrade, you will find XP uses RAM like a hungry whale! This is certainly no issue to the majority of upgraders with normal PC usage, but for sample playback...

    Well, let me just emphasize the need to at least upgrade your mobo to one that can accept 1 gig of ram.

    As for the \'clean\' install it is perhaps best, but I was able to successfully upgrade my brother\'s PC from ME. The success will lie on the work you do beforehand. If that amount of work is greater than reinstalling everything, then there is no point, just do the clean install.

    You can run the special upgrade report program from a downloadable app at Microsoft.

    MY brother\'s PC only had a couple programs that had to be removed beforehand, and a few drivers to download. I would disable all your peripheral hardware that will need new drivers BEFORE the ugrade. Again, what you do beforehand will make for a good install. I would purchase a good system maintenance program with a registry cleaner and defrag app. clean up the garbage before and you won\'t have a problem...

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    While I understand the hesitation about upgrading your operating system, I cannot stress more how important it is for sample users to upgrade to XP. Unlike 95, 98 and ME, XP is an extremely STABLE operating system. Microsoft finally got it right.

    If you DO upgrade, be sure to do a FULL INSTALL of XP rather than installing it over your existing OS.

    Anyway, I really see no point in investing good money in samples and samplers if you\'re going to run on anything less than XP unless your system cannot, for some reason, handle it. It\'s over two years old now. Time to update that dinosaur.

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    Re: Does GPO work with Windows ME?

    You probably will be happiest with XP in the long run. However, GPO will work with Me too. On Me the Kontakt player is not officially supported by Native Instruments, but as posters mention above, if you copy the install discs to your hd before installing, it will work fine. Hope you enjoy GPO, and XP [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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