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Topic: Mr Carrillo demo

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    Mr Carrillo demo

    I want to say that Joseph done a great job on his demo. I like it very much. I\'d like to hear more from him. He is very talented and have a great sense of musical colours.

    thanks for sharing

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Good morning Francesco ,

    At first before I opend this thread I thought you had started a thread to say you had made a new demo called \"Mr Carrillo\" [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I went to Garritan.com demos and found this excellent work by Joseph , very colourful like
    you say .

    Thank you for posting this , I would have missed
    it otherwise , I see there are a couple of other new ones there too , must remember to look there
    more often [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Whow, this one is really fantastic. Very, very good.

    This demos make me feel so small... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Wow! That was truly fantastic.

    Thank you Mr. Carillo!

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    It was Bill Brown who first told me about Joseph Carillo\'s music and suggested I post this demo on the GPO demo page. Here\'s the link to the demo:


    Joseph Carrillo composed this peice to test GPO when he first received it. He writes: \"I wanted to write something which allowed me to test out a lot of the instruments at once to see how they work individually and together; and also allowed me to see how GPO handled a variety of emotional textures.\"

    Thanks Joseph for sharing this with us!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Mm, that\'s one of my favorite demos on this site. Sounds vaguely like a John Williams composition from the 60\'s.

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Thank you all for the kind replies! It is very exciting to be included in such excellent company.

    Much appreciated,
    Joseph Carrillo

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    jmc, did you use the sections monofonic or does eg strings play a chord sometimes? If you used them in poly, witch ones do you recomend to do that?

    Its so smoooth .. where did you learn all this? Some school you recommend?

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo

    Excellent demo! It still amazes me what this $249 library can do. Look at the variety of demos on the Garritan site and it shows how versatile the library is.

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    Re: Mr Carrillo demo


    I think by monophonic you mean homophonic (please correct me if I\'m wrong), and yes there are moments when the strings are playing chords to support what the winds and brass are doing. And visa-versa. There are also a couple of moments of divisi in the 1st Violin and 2nd Violin sections.

    I actually composed the score in Finale, and then ported it over to Digital Performer (v.4.11 for those who are interested) to program in everything.

    Hopefully I\'m on the right track on answering your question, here... I didn\'t really go to school to learn composition, I just started writing. Looking back, I wish I had; I\'d probably have a better handle on harmony and a better sense of structure. Although my intention with this demo was to better aquaint myself with GPO, I always write with the idea that living breathing musicians will perform whatever I\'m writing. Also, understanding how the instruments work individually, and in the context of an orchestra is also important.


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