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Topic: Suggestion. . .

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    Suggestion. . .

    Hi all

    I’m still on the fence, but going to make a purchase of either the GPO or EWSO.

    I write neo-romantic music with a heavy emphasis on waltzes.

    Was wonder if one of you guys using GPO would consider doing a demo of say, Shostakovich’s “The Second Waltz” or Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers.”

    Would love to hear something like this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Suggestion. . .

    Check out the demos page on the www.personalorchestra.com site. If you scroll down you will find some pieces from the Nutcracker Suite. Check out No. 4 - about 1 minute into the piece it goes into a Waltz. There are quite a few new demos on the site to check out. There must be about 50 demos now including instrument and section specific.

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    Re: Suggestion. . .

    Hi Haydn

    Thanks for the heads up. . . I’ve listened to all the demos, some more than once, and paid special attention to the Nutcracker. You of course know where I’m coming from - wanting to hear something exact (in this case a romantic style waltz) that one is very familiar with, and can then gauge accordingly. I must say, the “flexibility” of GPO is impressive, but now I want to hear an exact piece. A Strauss waltz would also be nice if someone could provide that. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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