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Topic: Has GOS been retired?

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    Has GOS been retired?

    Seems that GOS is not on this forum\'s radar screen anymore. Has GPO forced the retirement of GOS? Will there be no more GOS upgrades? [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I really don\'t find GPO (or EWQLSO Gold) to be a replacement for GOS.

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    I know that Gary has a Kontakt, 24 bit version of GOS coming out at some stage. Plus I think a solo violin lib?

    I seriously doubt that GOS would be retiring anytime soon. It would have to be considered the flagship product surely.

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    Gary just posted an announcement about NAMM that GOS2 will be on demo\'d there.

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    Tarkio Road,

    Gary is away at NAMM until next week but I can give you a reasonably firm answer to this question (subject to change by Gary at any time, of course): GPO has never at any time been promoted nor intended as a replacement for GOS. GOS will remain available as a GigaStudio 2.5 product until Tascam introduces 3.0. At that time (soon, we hope) upgrades to GOS for Giga will be evaluated based on the new capabilities of that software, among other things. Meanwhile, the about-to-be-announced GOS2 will be a Kontakt product and will take advantage of that platform’s features, many of which have been explored in GPO.


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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    Here\'s my take:

    I believe GOS will be moved over entirely to Kontakt over this year as GIGA is retired. Tascam is putting their focus into other products and NI is comitted to developing Kontakt even further. The entire sample industry is moving towards the integrated player concept pioneered by NI, as this helps greatly to prevent piracy, I understand.

    If I might hazard a guess, I\'d say that much material was recorded for GPO and this may be developed into a \'high end\' library similar to GOS. So we might be seeing libraries for brass and woodwinds that apporach GOS in their scope.

    I hope I\'m right, but I also see GPO as being developed further.

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    I\'ve been reading in other forums that Giga 3 will be unveiled at NAMM this week.

    I\'m planning to get GOS, along with either Giga or Kontakt later this year, but I can afford to wait a few months until some of these questions are settled.

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    \"..I\'ve been reading in other forums that Giga 3 will be unveiled at NAMM this week..\"

    I might be very wrong about this, but...

    Even if it is \'unveiled\', don\'t expect anything too Earthshattering from Tascam, possibly better performance under XP or something.

    Tascam has missed their entry window and NI has scooped the whole industry with the integrated player approach. Tascam seems like they are putting the Nemesys team to work on other things.

    I don\'t see sample developers paying two or three sampler companies to use their player in three different versions for playback. It\'s too complicated and costly. This isn\'t the same thing as making a Giga, AKAI and whatever version like in the old days.

    And what good is a Giga 3.0 if no one makes soundware for it anymore?

    I don\'t know what the other sampler companies are going to do now with the recent shift of the soundware developers to NI playback, but it will be very hard to beat the Kontakt/Kompakt platform for features and programmability.

    We\'ll see.........

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    \"..I\'ve been reading in other forums that Giga 3 will be unveiled at NAMM this week..\"


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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    Okay, I may be wrong about Tascam, but...

    How much is this thing gonna cost?

    How many bugs is it going to have?

    How well IS it integrated into a sequencer enviroment?

    And sample developers are just going to fall all over themselves to offer their libraries with this puppy fully integrated, when they have NI already tooled up for them?

    The thing I always liked about the Giga is the disk streaming. But it never had half the programing capabilities of Kontakt. It still doesn\'t but it has some nice integrated features.

    I\'ll wait and see. I think the market is saturated with software samplers right now. How can anybody compete. I would expect some pretty awesome features, and I don\'t see too much REALLY fantastic in the Tascam advert.

    And how much is this thing going to cost?

    And how much??


    (and what are we gong to need in terms of CPU horsepower??)

    Bottom line: EXPENSIVE. The libraries would be equally EXPENSIVE. Tascam has positioned Giga has a \'high end\' product like esoteric hi-fi companies. That\'s okay, I guess pros making big money will jump all over it.

    for me, no thanks. I see Kontakt continuing to evolve and there are better convolution processors at cheaper prices on the horizon.

    Okay, that\'s my take on it. Time will tell. I\'ll go back to my GPO thankyou, and save $$$

    P.S.: STILL no MAC support??

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    Re: Has GOS been retired?

    Giga3 is about to make its appearance. Based on the specs I think developers will be keen to exploit its new features. Even the earlier libraries such as GOS can be re-programmed. As well as taking advantage in the massive increase in dimensions, a whole string orchestra could be loaded as one single performance complete with full stereo width panning, impulses, EQ, dynamics processing and so on. No need to have to twiddle between different applications.

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