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Topic: Latency problems

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    Latency problems

    Hi all,

    I have a Compaq Presario, AMD Athlon XP2400+ (2 ghz) and 960mb Ram but I cannot seem to get a latency of less than 15ms.

    I am using the emagic A2/6 usb soundcard.

    One problem I may be aware of is the original 256mb ram in the machine was PC2700, yet the relpacement ram is PC2100. Will this slow things down?

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Latency problems

    Hi Ozvaldo,

    As far as I know, if you use memory modules with different bus speeds, they will run at the minimum of them, but you should not notice that much in your latency. Have you got any resident software running, like an antivirus or something?

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    Re: Latency problems

    Not at all, you should be able to play the stand alone GPO through your ASIO drivers. It worked for me, and I\'m with an SB Live!

    But you need to setup the player to do so in the File -> Setup -> Soundcard -> Interface menu.

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    Re: Latency problems

    Just a dumb suggestion or two...

    Do you have the very latest drivers for your audio card? I had a problem with latency being totally unacceptable on one of my cards (and Echo MIA) when I first installed it last year, but a recent driver update has made it workable now.

    I also don\'t believe latency is caused by ram speed, unless you were using a dinosaur PC which you obviously aren\'t. It is true that mixing ram will cause the system to default to the slowest speed, but I would look to see if you\'ve got any programs running in the backround. ASIO under XP runs in the backround and can be interfered with by some other backround app.

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    Re: Latency problems

    I am running GPO as a standalone player on the PC, sync\'d to my ibook running Logic 5. As I am not using either Cubase or Logic on the PC, does that mean I cannot take advantage of the ASIO drivers and thus reduce latency?


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    Re: Latency problems

    Thanks so far - I\'ve made some progress. I had to disable the EMI 2/6 as the soundcard being used by the CD Rom, wave player etc - apparently only one device can use the ASIO player at any one time.

    So now i can select ASIO as an option, and select the EMI 2/6 as the card to be used.

    Now I have a new problem - whenever I change the volume of an instrument I get a fatal error and GPO is forced to quit. I have a feeling this is directly related to the drivers, so I am going to update the audio and midi ASIO drivers later today.

    Kind regards and thanks so far,

    Graeme Osborne

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    Re: Latency problems

    Hi Oz,

    Latency IS caused by your Sound Card, it\'s drivers and the Buffer settings.

    However, you say you\'re getting a delay of 15ms! Do you really notice the latency?
    As far as I\'m aware all hardware keyboards have always had a latency of around 15ms and I\'ve never noticed a lag on them!

    If you are noticing a considerable lag then maybe you actually have a much larger delay then 15ms.


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    Re: Latency problems

    That\'s true, I have one of my cards operating at 15ms and it\'s great. I think you could go as high 30 ms and not notice latency at first, so indeed maybe you have much more than you think.

    I had a problem with a crash like that you describe with Kontakt one time because another app tried to grab the ASIO driver while I didn\'t expect it. I would try to get your system down to the bare minimum at startup and check your system resources. Something might be interfering.

    I don\'t run XP yet (in the process of putting together a new PC) but I understand there are a number of things you can turn off under the administrative controls sections. EM magazine ran a good article in November on how to optimize XP for audio. Check their website archives.

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