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Topic: First Post - First GPO Tune

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    First Post - First GPO Tune

    First off - thanks for all the help I\'ve gotten by reading this forum for some time now. I wanted to post my first project using GPO. However, this is not an orchestral piece. I bought GPO to use for strings, horns, etc for my vocal projects. I thought if someone was reading this forum with the same idea in mind they might like to hear GPO in a contemporary song, and to know it works very well for that purpose. This is a Christian song I did at home (called Save Me). I did all the music and vocals, then used GPO to add strings and brass. This program is a blast. I\'ve had a lot of fun with it. I hope y\'all enjoy this, and once again thanks for all the help!

    Save Me


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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune


    Very nice; I like the melody. The genre is a bit out of my area of expertise, so forgive me if my suggestions are clumsy. The orchestra sounds very dry, and would benefit from a bit of reverb. There are a few moments that would benefit from a bit more controller data, legato in the strings and mod wheel swells, etc. You seem to be using, what I perceive as a smaller group of instruments (strings and horns), so consider panning the strings a little closer to the center (this suggestion may not be as necessary once you add the reverb). The overall mix sounds good to me. Good work. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune

    Thanks, jmc for the advice. I tried a mix with reverb, and it seemed like the details got a little lost. In other words - I couldn\'t detect the movement as well. But I\'ll try another mix with that in mind, and I\'ll play with the panning as well. Keep in mind - I\'m not really a midi guy (never really grasped it). So I have 2 computers, and I use one as a standalone instrument and line out into my other computer where it\'s recorded as audio. Not sure if that makes life easier or harder for me. But from there I can use standard plugins for editing.

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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune

    The reason why I suggested it is there seemed to be more \"room\" on everything but the orch, and it was a little striking, particularly on note releases.

    Mixing with MIDI is really tricky especially when you\'re mixing it with acoustic sounds. It\'s a lot of level interplay, simply because the sections don\'t give and take the way live musicians would. Depending on how much control I\'ll need in a mix, I\'ll record the instruments separately, either by section (strings, brass), or by instrument (Vln 1, Vln 2, Vla, VC, CB, Horn, Trumpet, etc)...

    When messing with the reverb, try adding some delay to it, maybe 10-20 ms (maybe more? just a guess as I am fairly new to mixing as well). Reverb is one stage of mixing that I struggle the most, and do the most tweaking. Standing in different parts of the room, the next room, on my head, etc... Hope this is somewhat useful to you...

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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune

    Well, while we\'re on MIDI - I have a question that I hope isn\'t too obvious to everyone but me. Ok, I have Nuendo, so I have pretty good MIDI capabilities (just don\'t know much about using them). I did a test session using GPO. The included Kontakt player allows you 8 instruments. And I know I can set each to a separate channel. But how do I go above 8? If I create a 9th track and load GPO into it, it still has the same 8 instruments. If I replace one it\'s replaced in the precious track that is using that same instrument and channel. Sorry if that should be too simple, but remember - I\'m a long time audio guy. MIDI is still a bit foreign to me, but I\'m trying. Thanks.

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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune


    To get more than 8 channels with Kontakt, you simply need to load another instance of Kontakt into your sequencer and start with midi channel 9-16 on your second instance of Kontakt. I use Sonar 3.1 so I\'m not sure how you would do this in Nuendo but it shouldn\'t be too difficult. Probably just repeat the same steps that you took to load the first instance. Hope that helps. Dave

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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune


    David is correct, with one addition: You can use any MIDI channel from 1 to 16 for each instance of GPO. So, if you wanted, you could use channels 1 thru 8 for instance 1, channels 1 thru 8 for instance 2, channels 1 thru 8 for instance 3, etc. The maximum number of instances you can load will be limited by your computer’s power and any limitations in your host software.


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    Re: First Post - First GPO Tune

    Thanks for your help. I thought I tried that and, like I said, when I loaded GPO into track 9 and tried an instrument on channel 9 - it replaced whatever was there already (even in the previous track it was recorded in). But obviously I did something wrong. I\'ll go back and give it another try. Thanks again.

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