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Topic: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

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    F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

    I have been writing some Brass Ensembles. I have been using the 2 Solo Trumpets, the Solo Mute Trumpet, Solo Horn 2 (I don\'t like the way 1 sounds), Solo Tenor Tbone, and Tuba solo 2.

    I have noticed that the horn has a tendency to become VERY buggy during playback. There are pops on a lot of the atacks and even occasionally on the loop points.

    I know the pops aren\'t in the samples because it happens at random to different notes every time I play OR Mixdown. Is there a bug in Kontakt Player? Or is this my Audigy 2 going nuts? (BTW, I have 1 gig DDR PC2700 and a 2.4 Gig P4, Win XP)

    Other than this, this is an excellent library! Keep it up!

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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

    I\'m running GPO at the moment on a slow 933 mghz P3 with 512megs and I have not experienced the fr. horn problem you mentioned. I use brass a lot in my music and it has not happened.

    This is not to say that GPO is perfect on my PC by any means, but I have found excellent results time and again with GPO and other softsynths and samplers using a Terratec EWX 24/96 audio card. The latest drivers are great IMO, and latency is very good under Sonar 2.2XL.

    I always hear bad things about Soundblaster cards and various softsynths. I don\'t know specifically about the Audigy but that might be your problem right there.

    Just a thought....

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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

    DZ I have noticed pops on one of the instruments and I believe it was French Horn 2 solo. It is weird because all of the instruments, including the remaining French Horns do not seem to have any pops.

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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

    There are other problems with the horns (missing notes on the ens instruments - I think one whole ens instrument is a blank) I think they are being addressed.

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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops


    Yes, that\'s already fixed and will be in the next update - along with many other things as well.


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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops

    I notice I am not the only ne having problems with the horns. When is the next update coming.

    I do have a Audiotrak Maya 7.1 in my comp, but it is disabled after I realized how much Gigastudio 32 sucks. Plus, I didn\'t have the cash to get more than the SAM Horns. (That there [cost] is one (of many) reason why GPO is so awesome!) The Maya has ASIO as well. Maybe I should try it?

    EDIT: I want to add that the same thing is happening with Solo1 as well.

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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops


    \"When is the next update coming?\"

    After NAMM is out of the way.


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    Re: F Horn Solo 2 = Audio Pops


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