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Topic: GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo

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    GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo


    Here\'s another one for the record. Hope you like it.

    Bach - Prelude Cm

    GPO instrumentation: Flutes, Cornet, Hauptwerk Mix, Baroque Plenum Pedals, Barroque Plen Reed Ped, Full Organ, Baroque Plenum.

    Reverb is Ambience, with the Cathedral preset.

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    Re: GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo

    I tried, but I think your link isn\'t working...

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    Re: GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo

    I got it OK. Slightly strange choice of piece for an organ demo, though ...

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    Re: GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo

    Hi nexus,

    I\'m afraid I\'m using the free geocities service while my site is unavailable. They have a limited bandwidth which is measured in an hour basis. So this is not well suited for file downloading, but this is only a temporal inconvenience. I apologize for this, I know it is very uncomfortable.


    Yes, this prelude was originaly composed by Bach for Harpsichord (It belongs to the Well Tempered Harps.), but I always thought it had all the characteristics of an organ fantasy, especially towards the end, so I decided to give it a try to see what happened. Anyway, I\'ll do another one in a while, with authentic organ material, for the most puritans [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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    Re: GPO Concert Pipe Organ Demo

    Thanks! I finally was able to download after persisting.

    It\'s a good piece, though I thought I didn\'t recongnize it from any of Bach\'s organ books.

    Nicely done. What I think would be great is if you or someone did something more contemporary for the organ, say Widor?

    Bach is very enduring, nontheless....

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