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Topic: Need A Good Hi-Hat Open Close Sample

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    Need A Good Hi-Hat Open Close Sample

    Hi All,
    In going through my Erskine drum library, I found it surprising that I seem to have an abundance of everything except a diverse amount of open to close hi-hat samples. I\'m just looking for a very simple open to close sample that\'s a quarter note in length for a 120 bpm country song. It\'s a very subdued rimshot section that needs a little variation to keep it from sounding mechanical. I do have open/close samples but they all seem to be full decay samples in which you have to hit a different sample to get them to stop. Would anyone have or know of a resource on the net to get a gig or soundfont of what I\'m looking for. It doesn\'t have to be fancy. If I had a good enough drumkit and mic, I would just sample it myself.
    Or perhaps you can tell me of a company that will sell \"single hit\" drum samples on via their website.
    Any help is appreciated
    Thanks Travis Barnes

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    Re: Need A Good Hi-Hat Open Close Sample


    Bob Clearmountain\'s Drums 2 had a bunch of hi-hat samples, and among all of the various makes and sizes were \"pea soup\" samples. An open hit hi-hat followed by the foot closing the 2 hats together.

    Off the top of my head I don\'t recall there being different tempos, but with most of today\'s soft samplers/DAW\'s, stretching or shortening them would be fairly easy.

    It\'s been around since \'95 or so, so perhaps it\'s available cheap somewhere...

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