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Topic: Using Gpo strings as overlays

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    Using Gpo strings as overlays

    I own Siss mini edition and I like it much.

    But for very expressive and romantic passages I need an overlay to violins and cellos because of the \"a little tiny\" sound of siss (very definite and realistic but not so much vibrato and power for such passages).

    Can someone give to me his opinion about using GPO violins as an overlay to increase overall vibrato and expressivo. I\'m thinking about buying it (also as a sketchpad) but I need an opinion about the kind of strings Gpo contains.



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    Re: Using Gpo strings as overlays

    I don\'t know which library you are using (Siss??)(edit: I know now, Sonic Implants..sorry), but you if you are only interested in strings Gary has a Kontakt version of the GOS lite strings coming out from which the GPO strings are derived, costing about the same I understand. Check his website after NAMM.

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    Re: Using Gpo strings as overlays

    One thing you can do with GPO is layer the solo strings over the SISS mini strings. Also, the library contains lush strings which are section strings with a few solo strings. These are very nice and full sounding.

    Plus you get quite a few other great sounding instruments.

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