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Topic: GPO and it's Bundled software

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    GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Jonathon Cox. I\'ve been reading and hanging around this forum for quite a while and I need to ask a few questions.

    I\'m trying to decide on whether or not to buy GPO. I was wondering if people in here actually use its bundled software.

    Does Kontact come with the collection of samples that Native Instrument\'s web site talks about?

    How useful is the Cubasis VST(PC)? Is there a learning curve compared to Sonar?

    I appreciate all of the posts about this sample set. Also, the demos are helping me to make my decision.

    I am torn between GPO and EWQLSO (Silver). Both of these libraries fall within my budget, which is basically nothing! :-) I\'m just hesitant about EWQLSO because I really don\'t want to deal with it being a \"lite\" version.

    Thanks for any help.

    Jonathon Cox

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software


    “Does Kontact come with the collection of samples that Native Instrument\'s web site talks about?”

    If you mean “does GPO come with the NI collection of samples included with the full version of Kontakt” the answer is “no.” The Kontakt player is the sample playback engine that is used for the GPO collection of instruments.


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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    I have played around with the Cubasis VST before getting GPO, it came bundled with another product I bought. It is a \'lite\' version of the much more powerful Cubase, so is lacking a lot, but is still useful. However...

    I am a Cakewalk fan, currently using Sonar 2.2XL and will most likely be upgrading to 3 in the spring.

    I think that even Cakewalk Home Studio or Plasma is a much better budget sequencer than Cubasis. In fact, they are very similar to the full Sonar program in so many ways that this makes them a real bargain IMO. I\'ve seen Plasma going for $39.00 at couple dept. stores and it even comes bundled with a very nice softsynth from RGC audio.

    With GPO you get a lot for your $249.00, probably more music making ability than any other bundle I am aware of.

    If you don\'t have a sequencer app already, then you will have to purchase one if you go with EW Silver. GPO also has an outstanding free reverb called \"AMBIENCE\" which I have used even before getting GPO. You also get a very decent notation program. Perhaps best of all you get Gary\'s unprecedented support and upgrades (worth the price alone without the extras!). In addition, the piano harpsichord and pipe organ are GREAT extras, the piano being one of the very best I\'ve heard yet.

    Of course, the EW Silver is certainly no chopped liver, either. It captures a \'Hollywood Scoring\' type of sound which I really like for some things.

    I really see the two libraries as working together. I have started with GPO so as to learn it while saving for EW Silver. I might recommend the same for you.

    Btw, I don\'t know if this is a factor for you or not, but if you don\'t have a fast PC and a lot of ram (I have only 512megs, tops) you can still make use of GPO quite well, I think. EW Silver also runs okay on older PCs I\'m told.

    Both of these programs are much better than the Edirol HQ Orchestra, to give you some idea. If you thought the Edirol was good, your\'re gonna think GPO is fantastic.

    My advice: Just buy GPO and get started making music with the bundled \'extras\'.

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software


    As one drummer to another, let\'s put it this way, you\'ve come to the pool, you have your trunks on, and you see us all in here splashing around... so jump in already! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Here was my thought process on this. I studied orchestral sample libraries for around six months and decided that the only ones that sounded even half way convincing were way out of my price range. In terms of full orchestra only VSO sounded \"real\" but why does a rock drummer need a $5K library to learn orchestration? Not to mention Giga is this monster that needs it\'s own PC and won\'t even run as a VST in my Cubase. Forget it I\'ll just be a drummer. But wait here is GPO a full orchestra that runs as a VST bundled with Kontakt, it\'s from Gary Garritan who\'s GOS sounded as good or better than VSO\'s strings, and it\'s only $250? And the demos from Duncan etc. sounded damn near as good to me as the VSO demos? No brainer...

    Don\'t know about EW stuff but the quality of sounds in GPO blow me away as does it\'s ease of use. The bundled stuff is ok, but I imagine you will be like 99% of the rest of us here and buy it because of the quality and the value of GPO itself. You really want a full fledged recording package like Cubase or Sonar anyway.

    Come on in, the water is fine.

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    Oh one other thing I should mention. The quality of support thus far is outstanding. Both Tom and Gary seem to be going out of their way to address all our issues. One patch already, another in the works mostly from user feedback it would seem. And it looks like we have the beginning of a strong user community here too including some industry heavyweights. Consider that when weighing between GPO and EW.

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    As a beginner for orchestral samples, GPO will be a good way to get started.

    For my sequencing, I use Finale and the bundled Cubasis. This is a great program to get started with, I cannot suggest this enough.

    The piano is very good, but it is scaled down at the present time. In the future, additonal articulations will be added (this goes for most the of the instruments). These add-ons will be useful, and you will be able to create and personalize the type of orchestra that you want. The piano is excellent now. I have gotten good use out of it, I always want more stuff to enhance the instruments.

    As for the string sections sounding better than VSL, I personally would disagree with that. This is subjective, but I am very aware of what the strings contain for both libries. AT the present time, VSL has more articulations than GPO, but as I have stated, this will change in the future.

    So, to sum up, get GPO...

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    The piano is very good, but it is scaled down at the present time.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">[img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
    Are you sure of this?

    Respect to the strings, he was talking about GOS and not GPO strings [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    Hey guys,

    Thanks alot for the feedback. I am currently a giga user, but I\'m a little frustrated with it. I was just a bit nervous switching over to VST. Like I said, thanks. I do believe that I will be placing my order this afternoon. (greedily smiling while rubbing my hands together.)

    Also, I am working on a website to showcase my compositions. I will post the URL when I am done. I would like to see what other people think about my work. Later.


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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    Si Antón,

    The piano is scaled down. When the full version is released, it may be very competitive.

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    Re: GPO and it\'s Bundled software

    Hi Jonny,

    I have both EW Silver and GPO. Here is my opinion:

    They each have strengths and weakness and at this point I cannot recommend one over the other regarding the issue of quality of samples or ease of use.

    They each have the ability to sound \"real\", (or not) depending on how much time is invested in editing MIDI info.

    I prefer the homespun quality of Garritans approach to support although I have nothing to fault EW for.

    As far as the bundled stuff that comes with GPO, I havent used it (except for the Ambience Reverb which I already had and what I would rate in present standards as average)

    I use Cubase SX so there is no reason for me to use the whittled down version that comes with GPO.
    If you do alot of work with MIDI, I would highly recommend Cubase.

    Good luck.

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