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Topic: Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore

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    Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore


    \"Award winning composer of over 150 television and film projects. Based in sunny West London where we have two all digital studios, a large live area with grand piano and large quantities of ethnic percussion and other esoteric instruments.

    Current work includes Tutenstein, a 26 part animation series currently showing on the NBC network, Time Machine (3x1hrs) for BBC1 and the feature film Frozen starring Shirley Henderson. He won Best Music for his score for the film \"Fly Fishing\" at the California Independent Film Festival 2003, as well as the top music award at the International Wildlife Film Festival for \"Tale of the Tides\" and was nominated for Best Music at Wildscreen 2002.

    He is also author and course director of Music for the Media, the world\'s largest training course for media composers with 1000 students in 20 countries.\"

    You can here samples of Guy\'s work here: http://www.deepwaterblue.net/dwb/showreel.asp

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    Re: Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore


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    Re: Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore


    Guy Michelmore has impressive qualifications and I think the NS forum members can learn a lot from him.

    What do the forum members think about an interview with Guy?

    Thanks for the suggestion Ed.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore

    I\'m always interested in interviews of composers working in film and television.

    One \'small screen\' composer I have never seen interviewed is Christopher Stone.

    He was really a pioneer in using samples for orchestral work. He was the first to use the old EMULATOR II and helped EMU develop the first orchestral sounds for it, I understand. Some of them bear his name in the old EMU library.

    Over the years he was also responsible for orchestral sampling on the SYNCLAVIER and had a personal library for that machine which was used by several other composers too, like Richard Band.
    It was a groundbreaking library at that time but was not commercially available to my knowledge.

    This information is all I have been able to glean on the man from an old magazine (an how accurate it is, I cannot say). It would be interesting to know what he uses now.

    I suppose I should have posted this request for an interview seperately!

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    Re: Meet The Artist Interview Suggestion - Guy Michelmore

    As an MFTM student, I would love to see an interview with Guy. Not only is he a talented composer but the pioneering work he has done with his online courses is noteable in and of itself.

    He has made it his business to help other aspiring composers and I think forum members would get a lot out of the interview.

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