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    I did receive my copy of GPO yesterday. After installation into my Mac G4 Logic did start to behave in a very strange way. First of all while starting the program the Autoload song is not loading anymore, as a matter of fact, no document at all is opening. It is necessary to choose \"new\" in the File menu. This is not so bad, but Logic becomes more or less useless, because selection with the mouse does not work normally anymore, it is necessary to click about 2 milimeters above an object in order to select it and sometime after clicking the objects appear double.....I did made a second install on another disk and it is exactly the same, also after upgrading to the new Kontakt player. whe removing GPO completely, averything works normally again.
    I did also try with Cubase SX, and there the problem does not happen.

    Does someone knows about this? Sorry if it is an already known problem


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    Apparently Kompakt has tht same problem as Kontakt. You have to register. Once you do that, then the problem goes away.

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    This mouse inconsistency is a NI thing. Open a song that has already been opened first. ie.. \"open recent\"... then you can open other songs or autoload without the buggy mouse behavior. Pain in the a**? you bet.
    Have you registered yet?
    For some odd reason I found that after I did, it solved the \'launching autoload directly\' issue.


    oops, Chris seems to have answered....never mind...
    Reminder to self....read all the frigging posts before trying to be helpful

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    Hmmm, I don\'t think we\'ve seen the end of this bug. I thought the update fixed it but at some point it crept back in and made Logic pretty much unusable. It is definitely an NI thing. I got rid of it the second time by trashing every Logic pref known to man, trashing all but one midi driver (gPort) updating my audio driver (PCI 424) and disconnecting ALL peripherals, extra monitors, mouse drivers etc. Make sure to trash Autoload and don\'t use the Motu USB midi driver if possible. Also make sure to trash AMS prefs and take all components out of the AU plug in file

    Then start Logic and do not use the setup asst. I started with built in audio so I could rule out my audio driver as a cause. Test with the default song and add GPO. Don\'t add other AU plugs. Continue testing by adding one thing at a time and don\'t be in a big hurry. Make sure you test each stage thoroughly. I added audio card then turbomouse, then other AU\'s (one at a time) then extra monitor etc.

    Now it\'s all working but I haven\'t added everything I\'ll be needing and the whole thing seems very shaky, but that of course is just a feeling. It may be rock solid after the tear down. I don\'t know yet.

    The odd thing was before I did all this sometimes the Autoload would load and sometimes it wouldn\'t. Every second time actually!!?? If the Autoload didn\'t appear that was the time the display bug reared up. Autoload appears = No Bug.

    But it seems that NI is having a very difficult time meeting their commitments for OSX. If they haven\'t got it reasonably under control by the time GS3 comes out it may be a good time to get a PC.

    Logic 6.31, 6.32, 6.33. OS 10.2.6 Newest GPO yada yada

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    Do you repair disk permissions before installing new software on OSX? I’ve found this little task solves a number of problems before they begin. For what it’s worth, everything runs wonderfully for me using Digital Performer 4.12 under Panther.

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    I have exactly the same problem with EWQLSO and the kompakt player in Logic Audio 6.3.3 and Panther... No Autoload and strange mouse behaviour... I think I\'ve tried everything with no success yet [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Hope Emagic or NI will fix this problem quickly...


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    Thanks for all this feedback!
    The problem did disappear after registering. I did not register at first, because of the problem.......


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