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Topic: Does 32 bit make much difference?

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    Does 32 bit make much difference?

    I’m getting to the point in my first GPO piece of tracking all my midi files into audio. I’m curious if the 32 bit conversion in the Kontakt player really adds a noticeable difference in quality? I’ll be running into ram problems, but wouldn’t mind doing this conversion one track at a time if the final product is better. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: Does 32 bit make much difference?

    Nah. GPO samples are 16-bit to begin with, so you\'re stuck with their inherent noisefloor.

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    Re: Does 32 bit make much difference?

    Well because the samples are 16 bit and alot of samples aren\'t being played at full volume and several different number of samples are being played, the noise level fluctuates. And after that, more noise is added overall when things get mixed. Right? 32 bit might help where you are either concerned with this or when you are going to be boosting the level of this later on in a project.

    IMO - it doesn\'t usually make much difference.

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    Re: Does 32 bit make much difference?

    I read in SOS that Mac Five converted 16-bit files to 32 in real time, and that converting them to 32 when loading would save CPU.

    What is the case with GPO?

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