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Topic: solo strings - funnies with pitch?

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    solo strings - funnies with pitch?


    I\'m still coming to grips with GPO so I\'m sure there is a perfectly reasonable answer to this - but something strange is happening. I\'ve been getting funny pitch variances and I realised that my ribbon controller (which is right in front of the modwheel) puts out cc 22! So as I accidently rub my wrist on the ribbon controller - it makes var1 change the pitch in GPO!

    Having discovered this, I\'m keeping well away from the ribbon controller (I\'m loathe to reprogram it, as it will \"break\" some other patches on the synth) - but I notice that on some of the solo violins, if you play a long note, the pitch starts to fluctuate!

    I\'m not blaming the samples, as it\'s just a loop, and that can\'t possibly change pitch. (there aren\'t any known \"out of tune\" samples are there?) I\'m definitely not touching my ribbon controller, and I don\'t see any CC 22 events in the track (except for the one I put at the beginning of the track with a value of 0) - but the pitch is definitely varying.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? It\'s like CC 22 (or var1) events are sneaking into my track. I\'m using SONAR 3.1 with a Yamaha CS6X keyboard as my controller.

    It\'s probably just me - but I just thought I\'d ask in case this sounds familiar to anyone....
    This isn\'t being caused by aftertouch is it? I\'m pretty sure I read here that GPO doesn\'t respond to aftertouch.

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    Re: solo strings - funnies with pitch?

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? It\'s like CC 22 (or var1) events are sneaking into my track.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I can verify that the same thing has happened to me. Specifically, I heard random pitch changes coming from the Violin 2 Strad Solo instrument. I am almost certain that I did not send any Var 1 (CC 22) or Aftertouch message, because I create MIDI files with a notation program and without a MIDI keyboard.

    I don\'t know if it is related, but I was running a small test of Var 2 (CC 24) message at the time. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: solo strings - funnies with pitch?

    Yes! I\'m not going crazy! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] I found this on the strad first of all, and could not use it. Solo Violin 2 seemed OK, but I had problems with solo violin 3 (sorry I can\'t remember which types they are as I\'m at work right now).

    If this is a -real- problem, I\'ll verify which notes caused the probs, but solo violin 3 had the problem on a high C - around c5 or c6 (different people call midi notes by different names - but it\'s up near the top of the keyboard).

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    Re: solo strings - funnies with pitch?

    So - is nobody else seeing this problem? Actually that\'s good, since it means it\'s \"just me\" (and Adam). It must be CC gremlins.....

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    Re: solo strings - funnies with pitch?


    I’ll look into it if you’ll give me specific information on the instrument, which notes, how far into the note, etc. When naming the notes in question, use G3 as the lowest note of the violin for reference. If it is an actual problem within the sample the pitch discrepancies will be specific and repeatable. If not, then something else could be at work here – like an errant, non-zero setting of VAR1. Either way, it will be valuable information for us.

    Please send this information directly to Gary at gary@harps.com rather than post it on Northernsounds. This is true of all bug reports – it’s always best to send them (in detail) directly to Gary. He will forward things to me for investigation.


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