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Topic: Future of GPO...

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    Future of GPO...

    Finally decided to register and post something here. Anyway, I bought GPO a few months back and am very satisfied with the product. It has an ease of use that is unprecedented. It really is worth the 250.00 I put out for it. However, I would like to know what the future holds for GPO. My friend bought VSL and is adament that he will be sticking with them for his primary orchestral needs and I pretty much feel this way for Garritan. I understand that the quality is not considered on par with the larger libs, but I\'m satisfied. Is Garritan looking to make this library a kind of \'capture all\' for orchestral sounds or do we pretty much have the entire package now? I\'m not complaining, just wondering.

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    There have been several mentions both on the forum and on the main site that this will be an evolving product, with more features and instruments and capabilities added. We\'ve already seen an update and now the new VST host added, and GPO\'s only been out for what, two months? Apparently Bela Media will soon be offering a choir set specifically designed for GPO, so in a sense, that\'s an instrument add-on right there, but I\'m sure Garritan will also be adding some other instruments, articulations, etc.

    No hurry on all that for me, as I\'ve barely had time to work with what I\'ve got! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    Other instruments will be avalible at a later date.

    I was also told that additonal articulations would become avalible.

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    I guess the reason I ask is that I don\'t wish GPO to become a stagnant product. I understand that it is new, I just wonder at the future of such a great product. I have come to love this 250 dollar wonder. I eagerly await the Voci collection from Bela D Media for GPO, but I also wonder what are Garritan\'s expectations for this product. Will it ever venture into non-tradional areas (ie. saxaphones, drum kits, atmospheric synths.) Or was his sole desire to release an easily accesible orchestra library (which he whole heartedly succeeded in doing.)

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    With the release of GPO Studio, it\'s clear that GPO isn\'t stagnant. Gary recently posted that they are working to improve the integration with the main notation programs. And recall that there has already been one update to the GPO Kontakt player.

    I\'m not sure about the sounds, but it\'s clear that the underlying technology is being actively updated.

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    In my experience (I used to work part time as a VSTi designer for a major company) I have never seen any software release that has been supported so fast with added features, upgrades and demos. So far the future of GPO looks very promising [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Future of GPO...


    We\'re just getting started and there is much more to come.

    The Kontakt Player continues to evolve. An upgrade to the player has been posted and an even newer upgrade will be made available in the next several days. Native Instruments is committed to improving the Player and they have proven their commitment with these new Player updates. We expect to offer new programming options for greater flexibility.

    We just announced the new GPO Host which is a free update to GPO users. It will integrate GPO with notation programs and any MIDI-based sequencer. The GPO host will also evolve. We are working on a capture to wav feature and better integration and templates for the major notation programs.

    As far as content, we are working on new libraries. We have only used a very small fraction of the orchestral samples we recorded so new content can be developed. A Jazz/Big Band pack is currently in the works. A choir/solo voice pack with Bela D Media is also being developed. We have sampled dozens of solo string instruments for a GPO string orchestra you build entirely from individual stringed instruments. This will allow you to make string orchestras where each instrument can play separate lines or multiple divisi. Imagine a 50+ piece string orchestra with individual stringed instrumets. Combined with GPO this will offer unparalled flexibility. We are also developing some packs for colleges and university programs including Berklee College of Music. Let me know what other content you want and we will do our best to deliver.

    Other developments. We have recorded thousands of impulses and are doing groundbreaking work with impulses and convolution. This work is important for future development of GPO and we will post details when the time is right.

    GOS2 was previewed at NAMM. We will be providing more details and demos soon. And soon we will announce some significant collaberations that will raise a few eyebrows. Then there remain things we cannot talk about at this time.

    We are just out of the gate and looking forward to the journey ahead.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    Now that was the response I was looking for! Thanks, Gary for the encouraging words. I chose Garritan because of his dedication to his sample libraries and his customers and it looks like it will pay off. The future looks bright indeed.

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    I agree Wirebird. Gary is unique in the soundware industry for his unprecedented customer AND product support. GPO will continue to evolve and the experience with GOS just confirms that.

    To others here I\'d say, realize though that GPO was never and most likely will never be designed to compete with large detailed libraries like VSL and QLSO. It is to Gary\'s and Tom\'s credit though that it DOES actually compete on many levels!

    I believe most of what we will see over the course of this year will be in the form of improvements and added features to the Kontakt player.

    I would not expect much at all in the form of added articulations as this defeats the purpose of the GPO simplicity. That and the concept of fitting the whole orchestra into a reasonable ram requirement negates the idea of more articulations.

    Having said that, I do wish there would be some more string articulations which I don\'t see being achieved by any degree of programming in spite of Kontakt\'s enourmous potential in that regard. I also think that brass effects like rips and falls, fluttertongue etc, are not possible in a realistic way without more samples of that type.

    As for additional instruments, I believe we will see them though perhaps not for a while. Much material was recorded I\'m sure, so there is alot left to be done with the instruments as they stand. I would like to see \'Wagnerian\' orchestration supported at least (VSL is going to be offering those kinds of instruments after NAMM).

    I would not expect Gary to delve into the realm of synth pads and atmospheres and traditional rock instrumentation as he is first and foremost an orchestral soundware developer. Those types of things are well supported (even saturated!?) by companies like Spectrasonics and East-West.

    That\'s just the way I see it. Glad everyone seems to be enjoying GPO as much as I am! It takes QUITE a product to move me to building a new PC just to take advantage of it. I haven\'t been this excited since I bought the original Gigasampler years ago.

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    Re: Future of GPO...

    Sounds good Gary!! You posted just as I was editing my previous post here so I didn\'t get to read your annoucments \'til after! (Sorry).

    As I mentioned above, I think Wagnerian orchestration has always been neglected in orchestral libraries (ie Contrabass Trombone, Bass Trumpet, Wagner Tuba, Hecklephone/Bass Oboe, etc).

    I would love to see these instruments incorporated into GPO.

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