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Topic: Gpo can't do action? Listen to this...

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Hi \'MP\' -

    Good stuff! It works! Not that I doubted, but for some \'doubters\' getting this kind of sound from GPO would be a big surprise.

    There were times when I would\'ve wanted to hear more sizzle in the brass. Have you gone full range on cc1 with the brass in the swells, and overlayed the f or ff patches (like around 1:10 ...+ )?

    I really liked it. Looking forward to more.


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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Three suggestions for getting more \'punch\' out of GPO:

    1) Keep cc#7 (overall volume) below maximum for all instruments. This way you have somewhere to go when you run out of cc#1--just boost up the volume to add extra oomph.

    2) Apply a dynamic exciter (works best for brass). If your sequencer will allow it, draw controller curves in the track and only bring the exciter up for extreme emphasis (works in conjunction with no. 1). I use one from Hyperprism.

    3) Use a good multiband dynamics controller like the one in OZONE on your final mixes. If applied judiciously this can really punch-up the mix. This is true of most other types of music, but for orchestral \'film\' music type of dynamics it is essential IMHO.

    Well that\'s all I have to say. The \'action\' demo really works! Good work. The Silver VOTA choir sounds good..can\'t wait for mine.

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions! I\'ll try them all out on the next cue.

    @dnortana: Actually the Main Volume (CC1) is absolutely static (set to 0.0 in the mixer) on most instruments. The swells are made by drawing modwheel and attack curves by hand (My digital piano has no modwheel). I find that Mr. Garritan\'s unusual approach of using the modwheel for volume finally makes it posible to create really expressive music. Listen to the cello section in the begining: Those swells and attacks were all hand-tweaked.

    I built ensembles for every section: For the Brass I needed 2 GPo instances. I used 3 Tenor Trombones, 1 Trombone overlay (doubling Trb. 1 in loud passages), Bass Trombone and Tuba. That plus 4 Horns in F, 2 Horn Overlays (doubling Hrn. 1+3 when neccessary) and 3 Trumpets.
    In the really loud passages attack was at full, m/w only in the most expressive moments. Right now I\'m only unhapy with the Trumpets: They sound a little bit squeaky and not powerful enough for me but I\'m sure I will find a way to tweak them.

    Thanks again for the tips. I\'ll explore your suggestions for getting even more punch out of it.

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    Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Hello to everyone!

    You might remember my first GPO piece \"The President\'s speech\". Obviously it was my first try at GPO but not my first composition.

    Now I present a second cue from the same, dumb action movie. The directors wanted Mediaventures-soundalike music, so in the begining I tried real primitive harmonies and stuff but it wouldn\'t work out. Then I decided to write it in my own style and they loved it. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] This cue is from the beginning of the movie: It starts on an ominous note then segues into relentless action.

    I did this all with GPO and added the choir from QLSO Silver. So don\'t believe those guys who say GPO isn\'t good for action... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    M01- first cue

    Comments are appreciated! Thanks to Mr. Garritan for creating something wonderful!

    p.s.: New versions with better mixing, equing and stuff put online. The links have been updated. Thanks for all the suggestions! Time to move on to the next cues...

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    That\'s sounding really good. Really good. My only complaint, ironically enough, is the plastic-sounding choir -- which obviously isn\'t a GPO fault anyways.

    I particularly like the way you\'ve made the strings sound extra realistic. Good show!

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Sounds very good. At the risk of being accused of Silver bashing, however, I have to agree with Sepretod that the choir is pretty bad. I\'ve heard soundfonts that are better. You might want to either remix or, if possible, pull the patch into Kontakt to retool it a bit.

    Other than that the piece is sounding very good.

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...


    Excellent action demo. I like the suspense and how it builds.It is amazing that the dynamics were done by drawing modwheel and attack curves by hand. This must have taken a long time. We need to figure out a virtual mod wheel for those without the hardware.

    Hope this will be coming to a theatre near us soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Wow, my 2nd thread and immediately a pinned one! I feel honored! And now even \"the man\" himself, Mr. Garritan comes to my thread... I am amazed (By the way: Thank you for this great tool!). [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words. Yes, it took a while to get the modulation curves right, but that\'s only because I\'m unexperienced in sequencing stuff. Usually my composition process ended with writing the notes down in Sibelius (or on paper, back in the stone-age of my music).

    Unfortunately both cues have been rejected (you wont be able to listen to them on the screen, Gary, sorry...), so I will need to completely rewrite. However I think they\'re both so good that before quitting work I will remix them one more time.

    @rogb: I don\'t own Kontakt (yet... first I have to pay the 1000 Euros back to the bank that I owe them [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] ), so fiddling with the patch is impossible. Any suggestions of what I could do through mixing to improve it? I already tried compressing it and put tons of reverb on top to hide it more.



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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Just a second take here...

    I have since listened to this piece a few more times and I have to say it is really good! The dynamics are excellent. I think that if you played this piece just a few years ago people would probably believe you used a real orchestra (that\'s true on many other pieces from GPO too!).

    I do have to agree on the choir. At first listen it seemed okay but now I think it might be suffering a bit. I don\'t have Silver, but I have heard a bit of the VOTA choir selections from it and believe it can sound better. That\'s okay though, because it doesn\'t detract from a good piece of modern film music.

    Let\'s hear more of your score!

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    Re: Gpo can\'t do action? Listen to this...

    Btw Gary, I draw volume (and now cc#1 with GPO!)curves all the time in Sonar. It\'s not as hard or as time-comsuming as it might seem (at least to me!).

    It allows quick changes that might not sound right if executed while playing.

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