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Topic: GPO question about articulation controlers

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    GPO question about articulation controlers

    Hi people,

    I\'ve heard that GPO has no keyswitching. After having ordered it today I begin slightly to sweat.
    No keyswitching? When I am playing string passages I constantly have to change between staccato/short bow and legato. A friendly guy from the KvR forum told me that in GPO leagato is controled via sustain pedal and the attack via velocity. Is this really an adequate alternative to keyswitching? Please tell me that this is so......aaarghh.

    Just a final question: Why is the GPO engine not able to do diskstreaming? As a kontakt/Kompakt engine it should be able to do that. (?)

    Thanks mates. I hope you can convince me that I am wrong with my doubts.....

    Cheers! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO question about articulation controlers


    I can see that this subject is going to periodically arise. Each of your requests is covered under my recent reply on another thread. Here it is the link: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=18;t=001035


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    Re: GPO question about articulation controlers

    There is limited keyswitching in GPO. In the strings, there is a patch that allows key switching between tremolo, pizzicato, and whole/half-step trills. In general though, yes, velocity controls attack and pedal turns legato mode on and off. It works pretty well, IMO.

    The Kontakt player allows DFD, but it is not necessary for GPO since the samples are not large enough to warrant it.

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    Re: GPO question about articulation controlers

    The legato switching works very well. there is keyswitching for some instruments - strings tremelo pizz and trills is one, harpsichord is another.

    Relax - its a great tool - and for 250 bucks - its a no-brainer.

    And though it does not have all the articulations the ones that are there are quite flexible. Plus Gary will be releasing add-on packs to increase the instrument pallete.

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    Re: GPO question about articulation controlers

    I would like key switching between the muted and non muted brass for all ensemble AND solo instruments. It would save channel space so I could finally load up my dream orchestra.

    Key switching options should also be available for harps (harmonics), Flutes (flutter), and anything else that only requires a single written part.

    I suppose if I had the money for the full kontakt, I could do it myself, but as is, even the new GPO host doesn\'t allow for a full orchestra with all the mutes and combinations that could be simultaneously available with more channels.

    With more channels, one could load all 2 gigs of samples and then really get creative.

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    Re: GPO question about articulation controlers

    Ah Hah! Sorry, the forum is getting so huge, I don\'t have a chance to read it all. Maybe something Kontakt can do in the future? Thanks, Tom.


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