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Topic: Think this would sound better in GPO?

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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    HAH! I wish I had a grand to spend on this! Unfortuneately being a student I bearly have enough money for food! I probably shouldn\'t be buying anything anyway, ahh but that good old student loan comes in handy from time to time....

    This is great tho. I think there is a huge market potential for something compact and close to a complete orchestra under $300, and it looks like to me that Mr. Garritan\'s dedication to support and improvements of his products are next to none.

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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    Hey Jordo

    I haven\'t tried the Silver edition but I did listen to some of its demos prio to my purchase of GPO. With respect to GPO, it is absolutley fantastic. I\'ve had it for about one month now and I love it more each day. It was by far the best investment I made for my home studio. Have you listened to the demos on the Garritan website? You can\'t go wrong with GPO and the support staff is phenomenal.


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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    If like me money is your problem, remember that GPO comes with Overture, now a VST host that let you work with GPO with notation software like Finale, SIbelius and Overture itself, it has a PC Cubasis version and a reverber.
    You have all you need and the softwares given are good enough to start. The library is great and offers a lot of solo instrument that are not present in Silver.
    These are some motives why I chose GPO
    good luck

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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    Wow- I like that- sweet [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    This is a beautiful piece and you make Reason sound very good. Seems like the only way you could really decide which to choose would be to have someone use your midi file in both libraries.
    But if you can use Reason like this either GPO or Silver will work well in your hands.
    Good job.

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    Think this would sound better in GPO?

    Hey all. New member here..... Looking to purchase GPO soon, but still in a debate with myself over GPO or EWSO silver..... from what I\'ve heard I seem to like the sound of GPO better. Do you think this peice would sound better in GPO?


    I know it sounds terrible now..... if you can believe it I did it all in Reason. I orginally purchased reason to do short music loops, but my passion for orchestration and composition got the better of me... Now I feel I must go all the way eventually. I\'m sure either one will make it sound better than it is now. The sampler in reason doesn\'t let you control mod-wheel crossfade expression across different samples, so all of the expression control of each instrument is actually having two instances of the sampler(one with p loaded, and the other with ff) then duplicating the midi track to each sampler, then inversely adjusting the volume up and down accordingly..... URrrgh, talk about wasting time! I CAN\'T WAIT UNTILL I GET SOMETHING BETTER!...... oh yeah, I also used a different reverb for each instrument in that piece.... haha i\'ve learned now that is not the most smart thing to do.

    Also anyone got any more user demo\'s of GPO?

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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    Got news for you Jordo, that is far from terrible sounding. A very nice piece actually. Not sure what that little buzzing is that plays along with the piano tho?
    As far as GPO making it \"better\", maybe some intrepid soul here would be willing to give it a shot with your midi files. It could certainly be finessed. All in all, GPO is a staggering value and has some revolutionary principles in it\'s ensemble building concept. If you had a grand to spend tho, you might want to take a peek at Gold or VSL opus1. No piano in opus , can\'t remember about gold (but you can get the downgrade to silver for the piano)
    Take your time and read all you can about both libs.
    There are many demos at Gary\'s site by the way.


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    Re: Think this would sound better in GPO?

    Jordo, that\'s one of the sweetest pieces I\'ve heard in a time. I agree with Jamie in that if you can do that in Reason then GPO or silver will only show off your skills even more.

    I want to see the romantic movie that goes with it though! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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