I\'ve been racking my brain over this all night. I dl\'d GPO Studio today and am using it on Mac OS10.3.2 with the bundled Overture SE software.
After reading the docs, forum posts, and experimenting, I finally am getting a handle on how to do the basics; like loading instruments into each player and setting up the \'tracks\' window in Overture to get the right midi ports/instrument slots corresponding.
But I cannot figure out how to load these \'preconfigured\' GPO templates that are supposed to provide tighter integration w/Overture SE\'s GPO soundsets.
Firstly, the templates appear in my GPO \'templates\' folder as blank \'page\' icons entitled 1.Template, 2.Template, etc..thru #5. No GPO STudio icon, and only \'document\' listed as file \'type.\' Even though the template sizes are exactly the same as GPO multi\'s that I have saved (@28kb?). Except those have .gpo at the end - I even tried renaming the templates with this extension, thinking mac might have defaulted the filetype to a non-functional standard stationary pad: the icon changed, but the template still did nothing.

Assuming these templates are actual GPO multis configured to work directly with some of Overture soundsets, I start up GPO ST, then Overture SE. In the score setup prompt, I select \'template\' and just choose one. I then move over to GPO ST, bring up a blank player, and select File>New>Template 1; a dialogue appears asking me if I want to save my already-opened EMPTY player, so I decline. The \'loading static text\' window flashes a few times onscreen, which usually means that a new multi is being loaded. But then? Nothing. No preset players show up, and when I select them, they\'re all empty.
So I go back to Overture, open the tracks window, and GPO players 1-8 are listed in the flip menu under \'devices.\' Actually, the first says \'Gpo player 1 Strings,\' the 2nd GPO player 1 \'Strings,\' etc. as if it sees the loaded GPO patches that I\'m not seeing.
So I go to the Overture transport, and make sure each staff is set to a slot in player #1. But no sound.
Then I went to the GPO menu in Overture and selected \'edit soundset,\' Well, a screen came up showing the current screenset with each instrument in each slot of 6 players. Did this soundset automatically load because of the score template I chose at the beginning or because of the \'new [invisible] template\' I chose in GPO?
So why weren\'t the players filled with these instruments when I loaded those templates in GPO ST?
So basically, I end up just keeping the \'edit screenset\' open, going to GPO ST, and loading each of the listed instruments in the slot as shown in the edit screenset pop-up. Unfortunately, while many of these soundsets show multis very similar to some GPO multis, they\'re usually off by just enough that I\'m required tgo load in each instrument to each slot insetad of calling up a multi. Besides the \"section name\" in the soundsets only resemble GPO preset multis, so I can\'t just load a multi w/a matching name.
So, it\'s doable this way, but it\'ll take ages to configure multis to match how all the Overture templates \'see\' them. That\'s fine by me; but am I completely missing something with these included templates?