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Topic: GPO/ Logic still buggy

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    GPO/ Logic still buggy

    I\'ve done extensive testing now with GPO and Logic 6.31, 6.32 and 6.33. I\'ve stripped my rig to the bone and built it back up again. GPO seems to retain basic functionality well now, but while drawing hyperdraw curves for CC1 and setting basic volume levels within the Arrange window Logic crashes continuously.

    I\'ve got about 3 instances loaded and 6 or 7 instruments playing. Logic will hard freeze or ocassionally get stuck notes as a harbinger of a hard freeze. Sometimes I can esc. but usually I must reboot. (who said OSX can\'t crash??)

    Hopefully NI will provide another update soon that will fix these kind of things. It\'s possible that it\'s my system, but unlikely, since I took great care to strip my system of peripherals, outdated drivers, problematic USB midi drivers, extra monitors etc..... even audio cards. When my system was in this naked state GPO appeared to work well but admittedly I wasn\'t drawing automation cuves, just testing basic functionality.

    BTW GPO is sounding great.


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    Re: GPO/ Logic still buggy

    I have seen this also, the NI AU\'s are not very good with Logic.

    I use Logic 6.31 and what I do is work on 1 GPO at a time and freeze the others, I only un-freeze to make a change then I freeze it again right away.

    G4 800x2
    1.5 Gig ram

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    Re: GPO/ Logic still buggy

    There\'s an update in the mill that addresses some problems unique to the Kontakt Player in Logic. Hopefully very soon ...


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    Re: GPO/ Logic still buggy

    Hey Guys, thanks for the reassurance. It\'s been a bear trying to switch to Logic AND deal with this at the same time but it sure is nice to get a little support.

    Aaron, I\'m not quite sure how freezing impacts the crashing I\'ve described. I don\'t think it has anything to do with CPU but I suppose it might have something to do with just working with one instance at a time. When you work in this way is your system stable? And have you tried to draw automation curves on the non-frozen plug without crashing? A lot of the crashes seemed to happen while I was soloing one track.

    I\'ll definitely be trying freeze to see if that solves the issue until the next update.

    Thanks again

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    Re: GPO/ Logic still buggy

    Is the full KONTAKT sampler any better in Logic?

    I am also having problems getting GPO to function as a stable workhorse for my orchestral sounds. If the \"real\" KONTAKT is better than I might be able to convince my dealer to lend me a copy of that until a fix is out. (worth a shot)

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