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Topic: Initial PC response very good!

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    Initial PC response very good!

    So far I\'m amazed at what I\'m getting away with. My PC is outperforming my expectations with GPO, based on what I\'ve read of others. I\'ve begun scoring the opening to Stravinsky\'s Le Sacre in Sonar Producer 3.1, and here\'s what\'s running so far:

    6 instances of GPO on the synth rack using a total of 18 voices, along with 21 other tracks of midi tracks that have not been attached to GPO. All audio tracks are patched to a bus with Cakewalk FX Studioverb on it. During playback, the cpu meter hovers between 12-14%, with occasional spikes to 16%. This looks pretty good, but I\'ve got a lot of instruments yet to add. Until I upgrade memory, it looks like I\'ll hit a memory wall long before a cpu wall. In fact, the Steinway won\'t even load by itself on my machine.

    My specs:
    Dell Dimension P4 2.52 GHz
    256MB Memory -- yes, that\'s all!
    XP Home
    Sonar Producer 3.1

    Am I just lucky?

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Wow! that sounds great! I wish mine would work like that. When I get 10 or more instruments up I\'m just about maxed out. And I have 1 gig of memory! My machine is much slower though. AMD Athlon 1.4 ghz. If anyone has something similar and is getting better performance please tell me.

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Make sure you are using the dry versions of the instruments. All the instances of kontakt reverb will clobber cpu otherwise.


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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Yes, definitely use the dry. Also, some versions of instruments take less memory than others. Kontakt player will tell you how large the sound is.

    I also lower the number of available voices when I don\'t need them. I think the clarinet ensemble allowed 6 voices, but that\'s rarely necessary!

    I also wanted to add that I am using WDM drivers and a Delta 66 sound card.

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Thanks for the posts! However I AM running these dry. The sounds are also taking FOREVER to load. I\'ve just installed GPO studio. And it causes some weird things. Good actually. When I turn on GPO Studio, my sounds load very quickly in my regular GPO player in Sonar. But no sound will come out of them until I turn off GPO Studio. So for now I\'m starting studio on some of my bigger projects, loading the sounds, and then turning Studio off. Weird huh? I would like to just use the studio thing. I can get it to play through my midi keyboard and I can sequence with it, but I think that I don\'t understand something about how to get it to render to audio.

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Whoa, there Cody. GPO Studio uses an ASIO driver that does not support multiple apps. So when GPO Studio is on, it takes over your sound card on that level. The reason why sounds load so quickly in Sonar after you\'ve loaded them in GPO Studio is that you\'ve probably already loaded them in once, so they find the sounds loaded in memory and simply \"map\" to them...

    Remember that GPO Studio is designed to run behind a notation program or as standalone on a machine, and can sometimes be run behind a sequencer that is not VST compatible (but that is usually associated with an older sequencer that does not have an ASIO layer and therefore won\'t interfere with GPO Studio).

    If you\'re running Sonar 3, just run the VST or DXi instruments and go for it. Haydn was running both a Vivaldi and Beethoven sized ensembles in Sonar - but then again that at least in part is due to memory. However, that\'s the case regardless of where you run your multiple instances of GPO.

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Who\'s Jim Ortman?

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Hi Cody,
    If you want to try to use GPO Studio with Sonar, you will need to first start GPO Studio (as a safety precaution against Sonar doing something dumb), make sure GPO Studio is producing sound (load an instrument, then mouse click on the graphical keyboard to test for sound), and if GPO Studio can produce sound, then start Sonar.

    In Sonar, you generally won\'t be able to play back any audio files or DXis or VSTis while using GPO Studio, because most sound cards only support low latency output from a single application at a time. If your sound card has multi-client support, then you may be able to get sound from GPO Studio and also directly in Sonar. It may be best not to expect mult-client support with the sound card, and then it would be a pleasant surprise if you get it to work.

    In Sonar, you will need to configure Sonar to use all the Personal Orchestra midi ports (in Options | Midi Devices). It may be safest in Sonar if you also go to Options | Audio, then go to the driver panel and disable all audio output drivers. You definitely wouldn\'t be able to get any audio directly from Sonar if you disabled the audio drivers, but it would ensure that Sonar does not interfere with GPO Studio, if you have any problems.

    Oh one last thing.. If you aren\'t really using GPO Studio, I would recommend against having it running at the same time as Sonar. Possibly you may be able to speed load time (stranger things have happened, though it may have been a fluke) but just as likely GPO Studio, may interfere with any audio output that you may want to try to get directly out of Sonar.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    \"Haydn was running both a Vivaldi and Beethoven sized ensemble..\"

    Out of context that sounds pretty weird [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m not sure about that Jim Ortman fellow. Could be related to G Ortnertan (a joke for Haydn).

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    Re: Initial PC response very good!

    Thanks for everyone\'s input. I was hoping to use GPO STUDIO in Sonar 3. I have been successful at getting it to play and sequence. Just no way to render it to audio that I can find. I\'ll just keep using it without STUDIO. About those load times. I fire up Studio first (and don\'t load a single instrument) then open an existing project that has lots of GPO instruments and they all load much quicker for some weird reason. Also in Studio the instruments load fast like they use to before the Kontakt update.

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