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Topic: Upgrading PC for GPO

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    Upgrading PC for GPO

    Hey everyone,

    How is everyone\'s Friday going? Mine could be better. I\'ve been talking on the phone with Dell since about 11:00. Well, I say talking, but I really mean....

    ....wait for it....

    .........ON HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, now that I got that off of my chest. I am trying to upgrade my PC to better use GPO. I must admit that when it comes to the nitty-gritty of computer electronics, I\'m kinda dumb (I am a drummer!!) Here\'s what I have now:

    Dell Dimension 4100
    Intel Pentium III processor
    384 MB Ram (max 512)
    Soundblaster Live Value

    I know that my currnet settings are very skimpy. I would like to change the motherboard so that I can have a Pentium 4 and at least 1G ram. Is this possible? What else would I have to change? I don\'t want to buy a new PC. Please, let me know.

    And before anyone says it, yes, I checked the specifications on what GPO required before I bought it. I had planned on upgraded anyway.

    That for the help.


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    Re: Upgrading PC for GPO

    Well, talking to DELL won\'t help you with the motherboard thing, they won\'t sell you just certain parts, they\'ll sell you the whole thing, although, after looking over your specs, buying a whole new thing wouldn\'t be a bad idea...

    I have a DELL PC I got about 14 months ago and I LOVE it with GPO inside of Cubase SX, and I\'m only running with 768MB of RDRAM...

    If I were in your position, I would pick up a bare-bones system with a kickin\' mother-board and just take your nice CD-Drives and HDDs from the comp you have now and shove them into the new one...

    You might also consider a different sound card, but that depends on your budget...

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    Re: Upgrading PC for GPO

    Dell does not sell upgrades (except adding memory or hard drives), so you are wasting your time with them. They will only sell you replacement parts for your machine that are identical (or their replacement part). You are also wasting your time trying to upgrade a Dell box as they use proprietary power supplies with connections that do not work with standard motherboards. We use all Dell computers here at work, and are VERY satisfied with them, but at home I build my own for this reason.

    OTOH, you could probably buy a Dell box that is a LOT more powerful than what you have now for not much more than you would build it yourself.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Upgrading PC for GPO

    I had the exact same computer as you about 5 days ago. I bought a case, mobo, ram, processor, and some fans from newegg.com for about 550.00 and now I\'ve essentially got a new computer. I also went to audiomidi.com and bought a audiophile 24/96 and a radium 49 for about 300.00. Now I\'ve got a P4 2.6Ghz, 1 gig of 3200 ram, a shiny new case and a new soundcard and keyboard to play with. Your better off buying what you need to upgrade and putting it together yourself. You\'ll end up customizing a Dell or Compaq for your needs anyway so you might as well do it from the start.

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    Re: Upgrading PC for GPO

    speaking of upgrading you will have to get a new registration code for the kontakt player as the authorization code is based on system components...

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    Re: Upgrading PC for GPO

    \"...If I were in your position, I would pick up a bare-bones system with a kickin\' mother-board and just take your nice CD-Drives and HDDs from the comp you have now and shove them into the new one...\"

    Take Alan\'s advice. I am in the process of doing this now. The \'bare-bones\' systems are a steal!!

    I\'m getting a 3.0 ghz P4 for a fraction of what I\'d pay for a complete system.

    I own at present an HP Pavilion 7850 933 mghz P3 and it\'s mobo cannot be upgraded. The advantage
    of the bare-bones PC is that you generally get \'off-the-shelf\' components and this will make possible an upgrade path at a later time.

    The big PC companies like Dell and others don\'t want you to upgrade. They want you to chuck all your old hardware and buy the WHOLE thing. That\'s why they use custom cases and mobos. I say, forget \'em. Do what others too have suggested here. Let us know how it turns out for you....

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