GPO Studio being a new software, people seem to have different kind of issues according to the sequencers/notation programs they use.
So it might be simpler for all of us if we try to isolate the problems related to the likely most common setup (bundled overture+GPO Studio).
So i\'d be grateful to every GPO user not to reply if they use this setup !
I\'ll say first that, after more than one day of efforts, I still cannot find any GPO Studio midi \"entry\" anywhere inside Overture SE.
I can find them ONLY in Cubase SX, and this comes at a price : if I launch while Studio\'s opened, SX is \"unable to set the sample rate\", and therefore other vsti do not make any sound.
Probably because GPO Studio already\'s accessing my audio card ?
Now, here is a detailed setup and the problems :
(of course GPO Studio is active, with one multi in player #1. And clicking on the Player\'s virtual keyboard does produce sound)
1) in Overtures\'s Option>>\"Midi Devices\",
-\"input\" is okay (my usb interface is recognized and transmits midi data allright),
-\"output\" shows my usb interface outputs which work well too, since I\'m able to play GS on my 2nd PC, from my real keybord, through Overture)
-there is absolutely no mention of GOP anywhere here...
2) in Overture Option>>\"instruments\",
- in the left part, \"ports/channel\", I see all the 16 channels of my midi port(no big surprise)
- in the right part, \"uses intruments\", there are : General Midi, GM Drums,Generic Patches.... BUT not even the faintest ghost of a single GOP instance.
3) - and, in Overture\'s Windows>>\"tracks\", insurprisingly, in the \"device\" column, I see only my midi outputs...
At no previous step had I a chance to choose any GPO player as an instrument).
Now something else :
Originally posted by seb (Plogue): \"About Overture, as far as i know, in the Windows version the ports are hidden to the user and are enable when the GPO menu entry is selected\". END OF QUOTE
What may be this \"GPO menu entry\" ? In my bundled Overture SE (v 3-5) the only GPO menu I can find is for \"loading\" or \"editing soundset\".
And neither option seemed to activate anything.
It\'s as if that some users have a different Overture version (SE vs full, Mac vs PC ?).
Well, now, if you have ideas, clues, suggestions, be my guest, go ahead !