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Topic: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

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    Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    Below are links for the new OS X and Windows installers for the GPO update.

    PC: http://www.garritan.com/support/Garritan_Personal_Orchestra_Setup.exe

    Mac: http://www.garritan.com/support/GPO_OSX_Updater.sit

    A number of improvements have been made. The display fields for the various knobs are now also data entry fields. Simply double click on the field and type in a new value. The scaling of the TUNE knob is now fixed, and can be set to more musically useful values now. Shift-clicking the knobs know correctly constrains their ranges. Many of the issues with Logic have been remedied. There have been various other improvements as well.

    If some of you would like to test the new update, please do so and let me know how they work for you.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    I tried it and noticed that the missing horn notes are back that\'s good. the data entry works for most knobs.
    However, I still cannot load multis and I still cannot use the remove function. These all worked before the first update. Finally I think that the load time for instruments is slow. Again I think this has been the case since the first update.

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    It now crashes Logic immediately on startup. Won\'t load previously loaded instruments. Probably has to do with the library being updated, but if I can\'t work on my previous ideas then it\'s a no starter.

    Locic crashes with a GPO error message or simply freezes. The last freeze took one of my disks with it. It won\'t mount anymore.

    Ok, third try, it at least loads and plays. But this is ridiculous. I\'m sorry Gary, you\'re great....but I rue the day I ever got involved with NI on OSX.

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    Everyone slow down. This is a preliminary release. Don\'t overinvest in love-vs-hate when dealing with these things - as the constructive feedback that you give can dramatically improve the product in a very short period of time. If you give specific information without emotion, the developers can respond and make adjustments very quickly. \"I rue the day\" doesn\'t help things to be better. So, try to stay calm.

    We\'ve already seen a pretty rapid update right on the heels of the initial shipment of GPO. Native Instruments is working very hard to optomize the Mac side of things with their player technology, and it isn\'t easy. I\'ve been in music and technology as a professional for more than ten years, and this is pretty cutting edge stuff. Being that Apple is still working out the kinks in their side of audio implementation, this kind of thing is to be expected. It\'s called \"the bleeding edge\" for a reason.

    If you can\'t deal with the stress of things like system crashes, wait until more people give the high sign before you jump in. For the strong at heart, dig into it and help make it a better app for everyone.

    Please include your system spec (platform and OS version) when you post - or better yet email to gary@harps.com with that info as well as any error logs or other behaviors you might see.

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    Originally posted by esteso:
    It now crashes Logic immediately on startup.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">esteso,

    I would like to get to the bottom of this. I did not have the same experience with Logic. Email or private message me and I will put you directly in touch with an engineer at Native Instruments and hopefully we can remedy this soon.


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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    You should\'ve seen my post before I edited it! I sat and stared at the \"rue the day\" phrase for five minutes before I sent it. In the end I decided it was appropriate \'cause that\'s exactly how I feel. I wouldn\'t be a bit surprised if Gary were having second thoughts about them too.

    Nonetheless, it\'s my own damn fault for jumping on this release so eagerly. I was just getting really tired of the last releases crashes.

    But I am going to slow down. It\'s the only way to maintain sanity. All this wasted time drives me nuts.

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    Oh Gary, I think our posts crossed but I\'ve now got my disk to mount and I\'ve reinstalled the update and loaded it into Logic 6.33. No errors or freezes this time. Perhaps it\'s Logic 6.31 that created the problem. But really I have no clue what happened.

    I\'m on 10.2.6


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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available


    The good news is that both companies (NI and em-Apple) are obviously working hard to update their products and ensure better compatibility and tighter integration.

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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    What is your operating system and computer? I too have really hated the slow load times of the instruments since the first update. Thanks for posting that you are still experiencing this. I won\'t be jumping in and installing this preliminary release because of your post. But I really hope that they address the slow loading times when this preliminary is complete.


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    Re: Preliminary New GPO Player Updates Available

    My operating system is:
    Windows XP Home
    1 Ghz ram
    1.4 Athlon

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