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Topic: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

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    Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    I wrote this as an opening theme for the Play \"the Crucible\". It was used by a local drama group and really generated some great feedback from audience and company. The version used in the production featured a different piano patch - this version is totally GPO. Very spare arrangement featuring Piano, English horn, oboe (solo3) and solo strad and solo Gagliano violins. Let me know your thoughts - for some reason the solo strings sounded better on the stage than thru my speakers (people had no idea they were not real. But they sound less convincing here (maybe due to room ambiance?) They still sound pretty good to me. Check it out...
    Elizabeth\'s Reel

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    i like it a lot. pretty rich for a small arrangement. i think i know what you are talking about with the strings. i like the violin that\'s panned right a lot more than the one that\'s panned left. maybe you\'re right about the ambience thing, though i wouldn\'t really know. doesn\'t sound bad at all overall.

    nice job.

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible


    Very nice! I am very honored to hear about GPO being used in a live production. When mixing for a live performance, it is better to have a drier mix than a mix intended for home or computer system. A live setting will impart the natural ambience of the room. Having seen the Crucible on several ocassions, your composition perfectly sets the mood for the play. Thanks for sharing this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    A very nice composition! Like it!

    Some proposals for improvements: perhaps you should rework the left hand of the piano. Those constant triads are a little bit too basic.
    Leave away that part where the strings play high. It sounds too artificial.

    Keep on working on it!

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    Very nice. I would like to hear more from your score with GPO.


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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    thank you all for the kind words. You are correct Gary, the mix I used live was drier. Also, I used a different Piano - a little more expressive since it had pedal on capability, but the Garritan Steinway doesn\'t really detract much from the other version. This piece was used to open the show and get people seated. If I have room on my web space I will post the closing peice - which people also seemed to enjoy. The feedback on GPO has been great - The case is gonna lynch me if I don\'t burn them all copies of the music. The director is also involved with the local High School and is interested in GPO for their music programs - so I will probably be demoing the tool to the Music department guys. I am testifying Gary!

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    Nice work. I just feel bad for the oboe player - he didn\'t take a breath for the whole last minute of the piece. And you might be able to smoothe out the violins with an EQ dip in the uper midrange. But a very nice, haunting feel.

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    Very beautiful and moving piece of music! However, I will have to concur with another poster that the violins sound artificial and don\'t quite \"fit\". Perhaps I would bring them an octave lower and play them more legato. Either that, or re-do the violin parts as smooth sustaining melodies instead of \"moving\" melodies.

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    Re: Demo used in theater production of Crucible

    VERY nice piece! I\'m afraid I have to agree about the oboe part. It\'s a dead give away when phrases are too long. You must think about the breaths, and hand parts off to another player.

    What I\'ve found helps with winds is to \'breath\' with them---that is exhale as if you are really playing (more or less). When YOU run out of breath and your notes are still hanging on, well you get the idea....

    A breath controller would be advantagious here, but I\'ve never been able to use one well.

    As for the violins sounding better live, well I did some experiments many, many years ago with putting samples (a Mirage!) in a REAL hall. We mixed my friend\'s pieces in the sound booth of our local venue and had a send out to hi-fi speakers on the stage with omni mics out in the hall. The result was actually incredible (for those days!). There\'s nothing like real air to add life to a sampled orchestra!

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