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Topic: Some GPO cpu and memory saving tips

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    Some GPO cpu and memory saving tips

    These ideas may already be common knowledge, but I thought I\'d share what I found, in hopes that it would help some users. These are from my experience using Sonar 3.1 Producer on a 2.3 Ghz machine with only 256 memory, and GPO as a VST plugin (synthrack), so your mileage may vary.

    1. Where possible, put multiple parts in each GPO instance. For example, load flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon into one instance of GPO. Put each on its own MIDI channel, and controll them from four different MIDI control tracks. This takes much less CPU power than having an instance for each instrument.

    2. If you like two different versions of an instrument equally well, use the one with a smaller file size. When you load an instrument in Kontakt Player, it gives you the size of the instrument in memory in the display. Pick the smallest-sized one whose sound you like.

    3. It\'s been said before, but it bears repeating... use the dry versions of the instruments. I always use dry of everything, then run all the outputs through a bus with reverb on it.

    4. Limit the number of voices available in your ensemble instruments to how many you will actually use. The ensemble clarinets have six voices available, but if you only need two, change it in Kontakt Player to two.

    5. Thin out controller data where possible. Using the mod wheel can generate a lot of data in your MIDI track. If you have a means of thinning out the data (e.g. removing every 2nd or 3rd message), it will help a little bit during sections that are taxing your cpu. Most likely, you will hear absolutely no difference.

    I hope this helps a few of you squeeze a couple more tracks out of GPO.

    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Some GPO cpu and memory saving tips


    That was nice of you to list down those tips and even though I am aware of most of them it never hurts to be reminded again of the simple things one may take for granted. It should prove to be helpful to anyone using GPO. Thanks


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    Re: Some GPO cpu and memory saving tips


    Thanks for posting these. This will be very helpful for GPO users. Does anyone else have some suggestions. Maybe we can post them on the website.

    Gary Garritan

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