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Topic: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

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    MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    Any Mac users able to download the harp midi packets? Mine are grabbed by Internet Explorer which tries to play them!? [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]



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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    Have you tried right-clicking the link instead of left-clicking? (I\'m not a Mac user, but I\'m assuming that right-clicking on a link in Mac opens up a menu that gives the option to save the target file, just like with Windows).

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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    Thanks so much. There is no right and left click on a MAC but I did Option click and that worked. The idea was right.


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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets


    Not out of the woods yet. Now the file is brought in as a Quicktime player file!
    I did the same with a demo on another thread and Quicktime actually played it. I guess it used the MAC built in sounds.

    I need to get this to DP4 sequencer.



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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    if it\'s just a standard midi file...DP will import it. Or you can just drag the file into the tracks window onto an empty midi track in DP. It shows up with as a QT file because QT can play standard midi files and that\'s what it gets mapped to (just as AVI movies show up as QT movies).

    It doesn\'t affect the file. Import to track in DP..it should see it.

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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets


    I tried dragging to track window and to chunks window. No go. And you cannot open it. Files that DP understands are shown in bold. These do not. I have imported standard midi files before but they were created by Freestyle...another MOTU sequencer.

    Can you try it?


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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    Hi Ed,

    Make sure that when you drag into the tracks window that you drag the QT MIDI file into the part of the window to the left that contains the track names, inputs, outputs, takes etc. If you drag it to the part to the right where the data is, it will not work.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: MAC/GPO/Harp midi packets

    Yeah, that can be a problem -- having Quicktime hijack the midi as a sound file rather than source. I think Control Command works. I think.

    But... to make sure everything is interpreted correctly -- especially by newbies -- Gary might consider zipping the files. Sure, they\'re small, but Quicktime won\'t play a zip.

    Mike Jasper

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