Dear Gary,
First thanks and congratulations for bringing GPO Studio.
My system: Mac G4, OSX 10.2.8, 512 MB, dual 1,42 GHz.
Final goal: use Overture + GPO Studio
1. I started to install GPO as standalone. Fast & easy, but without any relation to the booklet. Maybe an update of the specific instructions on the WEB for profane guys like me would help.
2. Update of GPO version of Kontakt. First done with option as standalone. OK. Second I tried to update with Audio Units. Resulted in message : not necessary as being already installed. I do not understand what is happening but it seems to work because one feature of the update seems to be able to use GPO Studio (see below). Do I have to switch to VST despite the Audio Unit system praised by Apple.
3. I tried to download the GPO Studio update for Mac. Nothing works. I just downloaded cryptic text.
4. When downloading the Mac update from your site, it worked fast and well. Studio is available and works well with Overture so far. With sound for any midi port or channel, the choices appearing in the menu of the Overture window called tracks. Using midi thru allows me to use my external keyboard to play the GPO sounds (Yamaha S-90 connected thru USB). The major problem is that after closing my computer GPO Studio disappears although the files of Studio that I saved are still there and working if I reinstall the update. I guess there are some instabilities problems to be resolved at a later date (tomorrow is OK-just that I cannot live without this program-waited for 20 years now).
5. The issue about the control of volume is important. Maybe, it is possible to fix the volume with the graphic menu of Overture but I am afraid it will generate a lot of useless midi data.
Conclusion: great product, but some stability problems.