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Topic: Updater Questions

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    Updater Questions

    Hi...New to the forum and to GPO.
    Just nabbed and installed the updater for the Kontakt player...

    Now I have two copies of some of the multis with slightly differing names.

    The first and last multi on the list won\'t load no matter what I do.

    The names of some of the controls appear as gibberish, but the controls seem to work.

    When I load a multi I get this:

    The outputs configured in the loaded multi differ from the current output configuration

    What\'s that? Everything seems to work OK exc. as noted above.

    I thought something might have gotten hosed in the upgrade, so I uninstalled everything & reinstalled, then nabbed the updater again, with the same consequences.

    If user error is involved here, please inform me!!

    System: P-4 2.4 gHz, 1 gb RAM, 2x40gb HDD, built-in sound (ecch--anyone got a cheap Echo Indigo they don\'t want??)

    Thanx, Jim W.

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    Re: Updater Questions

    Thanx, Haydn.

    Libraries are in C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library. There are three .nks files, as well as the subfolder containing the multis.

    Multis are in C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\\Multis. There appear to be two versions of many of the multis in the folder, each with a slightly different name. One is full (Large French Horn Section), the other slightly abbreviated (Large French Horn Sect).

    I am stumped by the inability to access the first/last multi on the list and the gibberish that appears for some of the effect names when I load some instruments.

    Any help appreciated. Thanx...Jim

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    Re: Updater Questions

    I was wondering if the reason that you have two of many of them is you didn\'t delete the original multi folder. On the support site of GPO ( at the same place where you download the new multi\'s ) it says this; \"Substitute these after you have finished applying the GPO102U update. Simply unzip the file and drop the folder in place of the old multis folder.\" I was under the impression that you should delete the old folder. Anyway that\'s what I did and it seems to be working all right. As for the other part of your question I\'m not sure about it. Good luck!

    Dave [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Updater Questions

    Thanx for the reminder. My bad on that one the second time around. Let me re-redo it & see what happens.


    UPDATE: Of course, the double listings went away, but I still can\'t load several of the multis, not just the first and last, even though the multis in question seem to be residing in the multis folder, and the gibberish remains on some of the controls. So my bad wasn\'t as bad as it could have been.

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    Re: Updater Questions


    It looks by your signature that you\'re a HAM radio operator. My call sign was N8LFV although my license expired and I didn\'t renew in time when I moved a few years back. I\'ve gotten so busy doing music that I just don\'t have time to study to take the test again.

    Jim Ortner

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    Re: Updater Questions

    Yes, Jim, I\'ve had an extra-class license for longer than I care to remember. Started out as WN2BJD growing up in NYC. Not doing too much hamming now. I have a \"vintage\" station (tube gear and a hand key) that I fire up when insomnia hits!!

    But for now, practicing a concerto I\'m doing in 3 weeks and trying to work with GPO are my diversions before my semester starts next week.

    Another user pointed up something I had forgotten when I did the update, but it still isnt behaving 100% right. I continue the search for user error!!

    Regards...Jim W.

    PS--the grace period for FCC license renewal was longer than I thought--you might just check with FCC if it hasnt been terribly long!

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    Re: Updater Questions

    Hmm, I haven\'t seen this issue with the multis with the latest update on my system. What folders do you have the library installed in?

    The \"The outputs configured in the loaded multi differ from the current output configuration\" is nothing to worry about as just about everybody gets this error. It is caused by the multis being programmed on another machine with a different configuration than yours. NI is looking into this one.

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