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Topic: Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

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    Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

    Earlier I had posted a message title \"GPO vs. POC\", but it appears to have been deleted (or maybe the server had a glitch and it never got posted).

    Anyways, here goes: I wanted to know if anyone had ever used the Prosonus Ocrhestral Collection, and if so, how does it compare to GPO?

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    Re: Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

    I don\'t have GPO, but I\'d probably have it if I hadn\'t wasted money on the Prosonus.

    I\'m still bitter about it being shipped with such awful tuning. A great deal of the lib is still out of tune with itself even after the update was made available.

    The only thing I use from POC are the marcato strings, which are excellent - they\'ll take your head off. Maybe every great now and then I\'ll layer in another instrument, or use some of the percussion.

    From what I\'ve heard of the demos, it\'s GPO way, way ahead of POC.


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    Re: Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

    Thanks for sharing that. Actually I already own GPO; I\'m just considering getting another library to complement it.

    PS: if you want an inexpensive but good string library, check out Symphony Strings by Sonic Reality (only $79).

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    Re: Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

    I\'d recommend getting QLSO Silver to compliment GPO. The footprint of this library is a little larger than GPO but it does give you some pretty decent extra percussion and brass.

    In the last couple pieces I used about 75% GPO with Silver for the balance. I find the GPO strings are much better sounding mainly because Silver doesn\'t have a legato mode. This also affects the woodwinds so I usually use the Silver instruments for 2nd chair. They do blend quite well.

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    Re: Hey, where did my "GPO vs. POC" message go?

    I\'ll bottom line it for \'ya:

    FORGET the Prosonus. It\'s incredibly outdated and I can\'t believe Big Fish is still offering it!

    It would be worth it to add to GPO if you could get it for $100.00 or less, if just for the string effects. The Marcatos are excellent (but only down bows are offered). DO buy the QLSO Silver edition!!

    I own most of the samples in the collection when it was offered many years ago as sample CDs. It was really nice 15 years ago but now....

    Btw, I have given \'new life\' to much of the material by loading it into Sampletank 2 and using the STRETCH and effects to get much more mileage out of it and some other old stuff I have. ST2 should be in everyones arsenal.

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