Each time you close Studio, it asks tou : \"would you like to save changes ?\" even when you have not edited a single thing.
Usually, when I close GPO or Studio, my poor small brain still (or already ?) aches a little from all the efforts I had to make, in order to avoid parallel/hidden 5ths, bad voicings, etc..., so at this state of exhaustion, being asked by Studio if I want to save makes always me hesitate in a high anxiety state, like \"did I really do a very important change that I do not remember since I launched it ?\"
Well, it\'s not much, and I\'d be very rude to complain, but eventually, when the long list of more important wishes has been handled, I\'d really like a \"clever\" closing (like in many sofwares) : if you did not edit, you got no message at all, and Studio just quietly leaves.
Thanks in advance !