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Topic: ASIO MME message

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    ASIO MME message

    When I load GPO Studio or the Cubasis that came with GPO I get an ASIO MME error message \"set4chmode failed\"
    I assume that this is some failure of my built-in sound card in my laptop, but what exactly is 4chmode?

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    Re: ASIO MME message

    Same problem here.
    It is just annoying, since the only side effect is an alert message when I launch Studio : I have to click \"ok\" for Studio to keep on loading.
    My audio card is a Gina 24, with the latest XP WDM driver.
    It works just fine (on the very same machine), with Cubase SX, Vegas Video, and every other sound related software I have... (same card/setup works also fine in my 2nd PC with various vsts, giga...)
    Even with GPO as a standalone or a vst.
    So this must be a slight flaw in the code of GPO Studio.

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