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Topic: Having GPO problems

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    Having GPO problems

    Went through the process of opening GPO Studio/Overture according to the very helpful post from Jeff Hurchalla on January 26th. Followed it to the T and assigned the instruments. Wrote a quick 4 instrument test score, hit play and all the instruments were all there like they were supposed to be, but the sound was awful. Very staccato notes and lots of pops and distortion. Went to the player and held down a note on the virtual keyboard, same deal. Closed out, went to GPO opened and tried the player, smooth notes no noise but could not get into GPO Player from there, so this is no use to me. I just want to write a chart, assign the instruments, hit play and take it from there to Pro Tools.
    Any ideas on the noise issue? I have had ProTools for a while but am new to this side of things, software orchestra and notation program. Thank you.

    G4 Dual 1.25GHz, MDD OSX 10.3.2
    1.25.GHz RAM dedicated audio drives
    ProTools LE 6.2.2 DIGI 001
    GPO 1.0.2 updated today GPO Studio
    Reason 2.5

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    Re: Having GPO problems


    Give a call or PM/email me your number and we\'ll troubleshoot this and do our best to get you up and running.


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