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Topic: GPO Brass appreciation thread

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    GPO Brass appreciation thread

    honestly, i wasn\'t too impressed early on, but i\'m liking these more and more lately.

    if you coordinate the overlays and use the mod wheel the right way, you can fake some nice volume swells. simple staccato riffs aren\'t hard to pull off too.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    GPO presents the only practical way to execute brass moves IMHO. Crossfading samples of different dynamics just doesn\'t sound smooth or convincing.

    I feel the basic timbre of all the GPO brass samples is very very good. I would like to see some samples added for really loud bright brass blasts, too. I have also expressed my desires for more types of \'fringe\' brass instruments to support Wagnerian orchestration, on other threads here.

    I have heard great things being done with the GPO brass (like the Copland piece) and this has spurred me on to really explore what can be done with GPO (M U C H).

    What started out as thinking GPO will be a really great tool for quick mock-ups, has become a somewhat profound realization that one no longer needs $4000.00 libraries and multi-PCs to present accurate orchestral music. The updates to the library will just confirm this.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    Originally posted by nexus:
    ........ that one no longer needs $4000.00 libraries and multi-PCs to present accurate orchestral music.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">----
    Hi Nexus,
    I say it gently, so please dont get mad at me : but when I saw your name in the reply to this brass only-related-topic, I told myself (before reading): aah, I\'ll be very soon informed once again that I don\'t have anymore to buy expensive libraries !
    Well, I respect your opinion, and agree that GPO is a great piece of library, but would\'nt you cease to try to convince everybody each time and in every context that the other (more expensive) libraries are no longer useful ?
    It may be true for you, but please allow us think that there still is a \"niche\" for Opus, Golds/Silver, Sam....
    As for myself, I\'m very satisfied to have GOP in my arsenal, but I will complement it with other libs as soon as possible.
    Let\'s be realistic : even owners of VSL Pro Ed seem sometimes to feel they miss one articulation or another....
    I agree that GPO is smartly programmed, and that you can do many convincing things with it. But saying that from now on GPO is the ONLY tool necessary to make classical/movie music is a bit unrealistic.... and IMO a bit of a \"zelote\" attitude too.
    I\'m under the impression that you never recovered to have bought the very expensive Vitous lib in its time.
    I\'d probably be upset too if I had purchased it, since I heard that there is not so much in it (by today\'s standards), for what you had to pay.
    But I really think that the \"big\" libraries of 2003-2004 are very honestly priced, and can do a lot for you, and to go along with GPO.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    Sir Bellog,

    Are you really any different to Nexus in that you defend the more expensive libraries at every opportunity? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    You couldn\'t ask for a better example of \'diminishing returns\' than to compare the results (not the paper spec) of GPO vs cost against the expensive libraries vs cost. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    Originally posted by Hardy Heern:
    Sir Bellog,
    Are you really any different to Nexus in that you defend the more expensive libraries at every opportunity? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well, I do not remember atall spending my time defending big libraries (bad memory maybe ? Yet I quit smoking 10 years ago...).
    I just remember having said several times I was really satisfied with GPO, but that I also plan to complement it with other things (and it will include other \"cheap\" libraries, if Gary is kind enough to propose upgrades to GPO).
    So i really do not feel like leading any crusade in favor of some expensive libs versus cheap ones.
    And I\'m very well aware of the specs of GPO, I agree they are unbeatable for $249.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    The Copland Excerpt thread seemed to turn a lot of heads, and quieted more than a few people who pre-supposed that GPO couldn\'t \"go big\" just because the first demos showed things that virtually no other library could do in terms of intimacy. GPO can bombast with the best of them, and at a fraction of the cost.

    I expect that everyone will be as impressed with Respighi\'s Pines of Rome once I\'ve done with it. It touches nearly every instrument group (including piano, harp, pipe organ, and celesta) in a way that is just as big as any of the film score mockups from other libraries. The difference is that GPO can go into classical repetroire and stand up to scrutiny because it is controlled and responds as a real ensemble does - one instrument at a time.

    Expect the \"Appian Way\" section of \"Pines\" to completely satisfy your brass fantasies. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    I don\'t think that one library can do it all no matter what the price. They all have different characteristics that may fit one style of music better than others.

    GPO is a great starting point that can get most of the job done but I still throw in other libraries for other colors. Think of it as just one color (well it does seem to be more than one) in an artist\'s palette of colors.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    How about some free tissues, Houston? Noone wants people drooling all over the place... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    I agree with Haydn. Having other libraries for color can be a wonderful thing.

    I recently started playing around with Opus 1 and am VERY impressed with the quality of the samples. And many of them play quite well with GPO.

    That said, what I REALLY appreciate about GPO -- besides the quality of ITs samples -- is the ease of use and its compact size. I used up half a hard drive to load Opus 1 and have to search through an often confusing amount of articulations to find just the one I want.

    Granted, this CAN be well worth the effort. Opus 1 is very good. But in GPO I can concentrate on using my creative brain rather than may technical one. And that\'s a HUGE selling point.

    Does GPO sound better than Opus 1? Probably not. Does it matter? Depends on the project, I suppose.

    But GPO is a FINE, FINE tool that should be in EVERY musician\'s arsenal, even if he has all of the big libraries. Many owners of the large libraries ridicule GPO and its users as if they\'re the grown ups and we\'re just little kids \"pretending\" to play music.

    But while they\'re searching for just the right articulation and revving up their third or forth CPU to get their library running, we GPO users are already working on our second symphony.

    Once our creation is complete, we can either leave it as is, add colors -- as Haydn suggests -- from other libraries, OR use it as a reference piece for rendering with one of the big libraries (or, better yet, take it to a real orchestra).

    With its expressiveness, its control, its sound, and its affordablity, GPO is a must have.

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    Re: GPO Brass appreciation thread

    I agree that there is no such thing as the \"perfect\" library. Sounds that work perfectly in one arrangement often feel out-of-place in another. Programs that sound spectacular by themselves sometimes sound muddy when used in a full mix. (Think of the in-store demo sounds found on many hardware workstations).

    Some libraries have excellent string sounds, but are lacking in the brass department. Others may have great brass patches, but weak woodwinds. And everyone\'s definition of what constitutes a \"good\" sound is going to vary. A sample library will, to one degree or another, reflect the priorities, tastes, and philosopies of its designer. This is why it\'s good to mix-and-match between multiple libraries (something I plan on doing as soon as I can afford to do so).

    In addition, even if someone were to develop the ultimate orchestral library that everyone agreed was the closest thing to perfection.....how long would it take before we got tired if it and found ourselves itching for a different flavor? Not to mention that it would be hard to avoid sounding like everyone else, since so many other musicians would buy this library and incorporate it into their songs.

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