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Topic: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

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    GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    I\'m just wondering about this and I know it seems to be true as GPO works better on a PC right now. But why? I mean is this inherently the case? I don\'t know anything about it, but since there is a Windows and a Mac version isn\'t each version \"optimized\" for that platform? Apparently Giga cannot be written for the Mac. So maybe NI cannot write for the Mac either.... except they are? and it\'s not working to well at this point.

    So I guess I\'m wondering can it ever work as well as on a PC? or should all us Mac guys accept reality and go over to the dark side?

    Any programmers out there want to shed a little light?


    PS, I think I just set a record for number of questions asked in one post!

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    I\'ll probably get punched for this one, but doesn\'t EVERYTHING work better on a PC? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m kiiiiiddddinnnng.

    Honestly, I think the problem stems from OSX and the fact that it has gone through a number of changes fairly rapidly. I\'m not a developer, but I imagine they have a tough time keeping up with Apple.

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    Thanks Rob, but I was actually hoping for some solid info from a programmer type. (I now realize that this could easily turn into a Mac vs PC thread but please, don\'t go there)

    For me I guess the bottom line is: If it\'ll work well on a Mac in a while (say 6 months or so) I\'m probably not saving myself any time by going out and getting (and learning how to run) a PC. If it\'ll never run well on a Mac I\'m getting a PC right now.


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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    It\'s not your G5.

    A G5 with Logic and EXS could run more VSL orchestra than it can GPO.

    Yes, software optimization..at many levels..can make or break an app. And frankly, it often comes down to how much time and money they are willing to put into it. Generally, because of market share...macs don\'t get a lot of time/money in development depts. But, also..just because of the nature of things...they can be sometimes harder and more intensive to optimize for as an ongoing development effort. You\'ve got all these OS changes..and things couldn\'t be more different between windows and OSX...in many ways.

    Hang in there though. NI\'s been working hard on it. Hopefully..they\'ll get it dialed in sometime.

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    Thanks guys, but doesn\'t anyone else have an opinion about NI and OSX? I can barely believe it. Everybody on a Mac is happily using GPO or Kontakt or Absynth without any problems? This little hangup with OSX and NI is stopping me from being able to work. I already gave up on GPO (for a while) and decided to try to get some material together in the electronica realm. Guess what? Crash city.

    About the only thing I can do in OSX is strum my acoustic guitar and that is SO retro.

    Kontakt\'s disk streaming isn\'t up to it. It also spits back little pieces of buffers or something. Most annoying.

    I could go on and on but I won\'t. I\'m just trying to figure out why you guys are so silent? Have you just given up, gone back to OS9 or already switched over to PC?

    Spectrasonics works without a hitch. Reason too.

    I know dcornutt is right. It\'s all about market share and allocating resources. So I\'m thinking it\'s about time to heed the writing on the wall and get the hell out of Dodge.


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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    I can do nothing but tell you that, in regard to the GPO player and Mac problems, NI is working VERY hard to address the bugs that have been reported. The next update may well be the one you\'re looking for.

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    Here\'s my 2(uninformed/non-programmer)¢.

    Rob is right to an extent. OSX is a new system and has been optimizing and reiterating itself leaving programmers playing catch-up. But I\'m sure (my opinion) that Apple keeps everyone as informed as possible. It\'s in their best interest to do so. More software availability = more hardware sales.

    So, why is NI behind on the OSX curve? Now we\'re back to resources chasing sales. NI has a terrible reputation on the OSX side of things. But that is changing, I\'ve heard.

    Now that most of their software doesn\'t crash your computer in OSX, maybe they will move towards optimization.

    I asked NI specifically once if they were \"Altivec enhanced.\" They said they were. But there are probably layers of Altivec enhancement. Do they have native code for Altivec or are they translating on the fly? I\'d say translating on the fly. I don\'t know what goes into it. All I know is that in my world (graphics) the Macs have caught up and surpass most of the PCs that double pure CPU speed.

    If I were to guess as speed, I\'d say you get the same processor power from a PC 1Ghz as a Mac 1Ghz. In graphics software you need at least 2Ghz on a pc to keep up with 1Ghz on a Mac because of Altivec.

    But that speed hasn\'t translated to KontactPlayer.

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    Originally posted by rJames:
    But that speed hasn\'t translated to KontactPlayer.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I don\'t think it\'s translated to audio on the Mac in general. Correct me if I\'m wrong.

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    As I said in another thread, I\'m personally quite surprised at how slow GPO seems to be operating with Sibelius using my Mac OS X G5 Panther, Dual 2 ghz 1 gig ram machine. I\'m still not sure if it\'s Ram or optimization, but the audio using the built-in sound card starts breaking up with 4 very active string parts, a few horns, and ambience either off or low...I will boost the RAM and hope this improves things...Hopefully, Gary will encourage Panther users to have more than a gig of RAM on their system to accomodate the size of the orchestra, since Panther alone takes up so much space (400 meg+)...
    - robjohn

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    Re: GPO/ NI optimized for PC?

    That is pretty bad OS usage, it makes Windows look quite efficient. The Beethoven demo was recorded only using 512 MB of RAM on a PC. This included Windows XP, Sonar 2.2 and 4 instances of Kontakt with a full strings section, timpani, 2 trumpets and 2 french horns, 2 bassoons, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes and 2 flutes.

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