Okay,making a bit of progress as far as the noise, machine gun stammer, drop outs and pops and clicks when playing from the player, or from a score, in GPO Studio.

I noticed after a bit that even though I was loading dry samples into the player, they had reverb on them.Duh!!So I opened the Ambient Reverb and turned all the settings down to nil and away went my problems.Nice clean and clear tones. The sample file score Air, in Geniesoft still had a few glitches on playback but so much more understandable.
To really check on my progress I wrote another quick 4 instrument chart, assigned the instruments and it played and sounded good. Did not try loading the wet sounds from the drop down yet to check on that. That\'s next...too tired now. I am assuming it will have the same problem.Are the wet sounds sampled wet or do they use the Ambient reverb?
How can I get rid of the Ambient reverb, do I just trash the Ambience file in VST plugins? Or is there a fix for this?
Also, once I have my big huge whopper score sounding good, how do I get this into Pro Tools to record it? In the RTAS plugins in LE 6.2.2 I get GPO in there but not GPO Studio. What am I missing? Thanks for putting up with me.