I\'m having an issue with changing to the more recent version of the Kontakt player. The original version that came with GPO has 100% perfect playback on my system. The newer version has higher CPU usage and produces audible clicks and pops during playback. Any ideas why? I am running GPO as a wrapped-up VST plugin within Sonar 3, on a P4 with 512MB RAM, through an Audigy soundcard. I am using MME drivers (I have to because I also use an MME-only Edirol UA-30 for recording). Latency is about 90ms, and increasing it as high as 250ms or so does not improve the clicking (which occurs on nearly every note). Playback was perfect with the older version -- if there\'s no work-around, thinking toward future developments, is there any reason why I couldn\'t stick with the old version?