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Topic: Questions about GPO (deciding)

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    Questions about GPO (deciding)

    Hi--I\'m deciding whether to get GPO or EWQLSO Silver and have a few questions:

    - Are instruments usable in GigaStudio?

    - Are they accessible to the version of Kontakt Player Gold that is distributed with Sibelius?

    - It looks from the description on the website that the version of Steinberg Cubasis 4.0 that is included runs only on the PC. If so, which component of the package provides the equivalent functionality for Mac OSX?

    - Is there an upgrade to the full G.Orch path to comparable to that offered for EWQLSO Silver?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Stan Hoffman

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    Re: Questions about GPO (deciding)

    Neither GPO or Silver can be played in GigaStudio. They both come with their own players.

    The only other player/sampler I believe they can be used in is the Kontakt 1.5 sampler. You can use it to play and tweak the samples.

    I don\'t know of any upgrade path for GPO other than the usual free upgrades that Garritan offers. He has also promised add-ons and advances and new instruments in the future. Don\'t know if they\'ll cost. If so, I doubt it will be much.

    The Cubasis included is a light version. I don\'t have a Mac, but don\'t see why it wouldn\'t run. I\'m sure Gary will clarify when he\'s able to.

    I\'ve been using GPO for a month or so now and, like other users, can tell you it\'s a VERY big bang for the buck.

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    Re: Questions about GPO (deciding)

    Gary mentioned that working on some form of upgrade path, but he didn\'t give me any details at NAMM. Perhaps he\'s working on something and wants to wait for the right time to announce.

    As far as a replacement for GigaStudio is concerned, you should seriously check out GPOStudio. It can carry up to eight instances of GPO, which translates to intant access of up to 64 instruments or section samples. So, if you\'re running on a separate machine, you could access GPO that way.

    If you\'re running a Mac sequencer that can run RTAS, AU or of course VST instruments, then the best course is to access GPO through your sequencer as a virtual instrument.

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    Re: Questions about GPO (deciding)

    Okay--so if I understand correctly, I can run GPO on the machine I currently use for GigaStudio. There I run eight instances of GPO. In Sibelius or a sequencer on my other machine, I address these as if they were a single module with sixty-four channels via the MIDI interface I use for that machine (1-in, 1-out)?

    Where can I find out what AU, RTAS, VST are? Goggling them just gets lots of places to buy, but no explanation.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Questions about GPO (deciding)

    AU - plugins for the Mac
    RTAS - plugins for Protools
    VST - plugins for Steinberg compatable apps (pretty much the standard now)
    DXi - plugins for Cakewalk apps

    What you use depends on the applications/computer you have.

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