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Topic: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

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    GPO better than EWQL Silver?


    I was extremely close to purchasing GPO, but then I heard the demos of EWQLSO Silver edition at soundsonline.com. The Beethoven example isn\'t so impressive, but to my ears, \"Cartoon,\" \"Berlin,\" and \"The Journey\" sound more rich and realistic than any of the GPO demos I\'ve heard.

    Does anyone have any comparisons? GPO seems remarkably intuitive to use, but the sound of those EWQL demos is really enticing, especially with the upgrade path to the platinum edition...

    Any advice would be most appreciated--Garritan seems like a nicer company and a better community, so I\'d *like* to be convinced that GPO is the best choice, but right now my ears are telling me otherwise.

    Words of wisdom?


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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    I think that one is better than the other, but not for reasons that you think.

    \"MIDI-ish\" is a subjective term. If you think that the demos on the GPO site (and the one\'s I\'ve posted in my Screenblast gallery) don\'t give you what you need, then you\'re listening for different things than I am and Silver is your choice.

    On the side of upgrades, I think that Gary mentioned something about an upgrade path for Personal Orchestra, but I\'m not sure when he\'s going to announce it. But, I think it will be soon.

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    Obviously GPO has a much larger user base by the amount of posts in the forum versus the EW forum which means many more users have given the thumbs up to GPO. Our Beethoven\'s 5th was designed around a more classical approach to the sound. The Silver version has overhyped brass which gives it more sizzle. Remember, there is only 2 horns in the 5th versus the 6 horn patch they used.

    Another thing to look at is the amount and variety of demos posted for GPO. At last count there are more than 50 demos on the personalorchestra.com site. I\'ve only seen a few demos for Silver posted.

    I do own both libraries and give the edge to GPO mainly because of its consistent programming. GPO was designed from the ground up to be consistent between sections to make it quick and easy to use. Silver was scaled down from the larger libraries and has many holes especially in the string sections. GPO you get all articulations in the 1st and 2nd violin sections. Not so in Silver. Silver is also missing many needed instruments such as celeste, marimba, solo viola, solo double bass plus many other instruments that are included such as harpsichord, muted brass, etc.

    The programming has a long was to go in Silver. I have found many bugs in the programs as well as tuning issues. GPO has a legato mode which makes a world of difference when playing string and woodwind parts. GPO is chromatically sampled versus minor 3rds or larger intervals in Silver. This makes a large different on sustained instruments such as woodwinds and strings.

    I\'ve noticed that many users of Silver have jumped to Gold pretty quick but this does not appear to be so with GPO. This shows that the GPO users are more satisfied with their purchase. Silver is more of a teaser for the big libraries.

    I prefer the sound of the GPO strings to Silver except the double basses. The Silver basses have a little more punch. GPO woodwinds are miles ahead of silver besides the fact that you get about 4-5 times as many different instruments. There are 5 different oboes in GPO versus one in Silver. Brass is about even in both libraries. GPO brass is more flexible and includes mutes. Silver has staccato samples and ensemble instruments. The ensemble instruments sort of lock you into pretty static sized ensembles. The ensemble builder approach of GPO allows you to build your own size ensembles. Both libraries have decent sounding percussion although I like some of the Silver instruments such as the xylophone over GPO.

    GPO is a great foundation library. You\'ll cover more styles of music and various ensemble sizes. Silver is more of an add-on library. It made to build larger orchestra sounds.

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    I prefer the sound of GPO, but some of the Silver demos lately have been very nice. Silver sounds more synthetic to me, however, with less expression and control.

    This is, of course, based only on the demos I\'ve heard. As far as usability goes, I have no clue re: silver.

    I\'m becoming more and more familiar with GPO, however, and think it\'s probably your best investment.

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    Honestly - you\'ve got to pick what \"resonates\" with you. If you\'re looking to do only \"Media Ventures minus one\" type Hollywood-esqe film score stuff, then my personal opinion is that GPO is not for you. That\'s because it requires you to treat each individual instrument like a real player. In large part, the Hollywood-wanna be scores you here with Silver don\'t demand that, and if that\'s what you want to do, then the section samples and blocky unisons you get from EWQLSO should be fine for you.

    Silver tends to lean more toward cookiecutter pretermined ensembles. When scoring fopr a real orchestra, you need individual instruments. With GPO you can play separate lines, divisi, unisons, etc - ideal for real orchestral scoring. There\'s no way you can do that with Silver.

    GPO demands that you control each and every note, as well as each and every mix. It\'s certainly not hard to get a \"bigger than life\" sound, as I\'ve proven with the Copland \"Fanfare for the Common Man\" excerpt. But it requires that you know what you want AND how you want to get there. For me, musical control is what it\'s all about. With Silver, a lot of that thinking is already done for you. That also applies somewhat to Gold and Platinum, although not as directly. You get more control with their bigger libraries, but you also must deal with multiple PC setups and other clutter that runs up the cost of operation. I\'d rather run a few mastering plugins and a convolution reverb unit to get my \"big sound\" and spare myself the multi-thousand dollar computer investment that only gives me one hall sound.

    I just read in the January issue of Keyboard that they used speakers to \"enhance\" the sound of solo instruments in their library. I don\'t know about you, but I\'d rather turn up the volume on my solo instruments when and where I want to, and not have it pre-determined in my library by sampling through a speaker.

    To each his own.

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    I found both to be pretty close.

    The user base, and the amount of interactivity, aid, and sense of \"family\" the GPO users have, along with the incredible amount of caring Gary has for his products and users is what pushed me over the edge to make my first purchase GPO. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    (can ya tell I am happy with my choice?)

    I see GPO as a great way to get into things. While others may have a \"path\" for \"upgrades\" and such, I see GPO as more of a house, with the ability to now choose the pieces to accent the interior decorating with. And those pieces may not be from one, single developer. I may later choose to accent with new flavors, like SAM or KH, or \"boost\" a little within the \"family\" and go GOS. Flexability is the name of the game for me, and the fact that I was unsure when I jumped in is what made GPO great for me.

    Some suggest buying both, and I can see that as well, for the same reasons I just wrote [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Best part: At least today there IS a choice. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    Well, I should probably have gone for the EWQLSO silver, since I\'m not up to par on music theory/orchestration - I find it a bit hard to get GPO to do what I want. I am also mainly aiming for Hollywoodesque type of scoring right now so...

    BUT the two things (apart from the demos, which I think have their pros and cons from both sides) that made me go for GPO is the friendliness and helpfulness from the GPO users on this Forum. This is invaluable when You need help, hints and tips. Given the nature of GPO I do believe that You can get very close to the \"Media Venture\" music style if You really want to, it may take some more work though (and skills I currently do not have [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
    The other thing is the promised MIDI-demos, which again would be a great help for me to see how others are using the library, and how to go about to get that particular sound You hear other can make, but You can\'t. I\'m still waiting for those MIDI-files though, they would really come handy!


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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    Originally posted by Rico:
    Well, I should probably have gone for the EWQLSO silver, since I\'m not up to par on music theory/orchestration - I find it a bit hard to get GPO to do what I want. I am also mainly aiming for Hollywoodesque type of scoring right now so...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think that with a bit of work (and a few free audio processing plug-ins) you\'ll end up with a more satisfactory result when you learn to tailor the process to the way that you want things to sound. Not only do you become a better musician (and to a certain degree, audio engineer) for it, but you will also have a distinctive sound from all of the cookie cutter \"Media Ventures minus one wanna-bes\".

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?


    I own both Silver and GPO.

    There are clearly strengths and weaknesses to both but overall, even though I am in agreement with Haydns take, I would say this: I feel that on average Silvers\' samples are a bit better and that GPO has better programming.

    My experience with both is that in most respects, considerable work and skill is required to produce a convincing performance and I believe that is borne out by the demos from users.

    Neither library is going to make a mediochre composer or MIDI tech sound good - actually no library will do that. There\'s no magic here folks: a good writer can make either library sound decent and a bad one can easily create a bunch of synthy sounding junk.

    Although I\'m glad to have gotten both, if I had to get just one I suppose it would be GPO but I say that hesitantly.

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    Re: GPO better than EWQL Silver?

    Originally posted by runamuck:
    Neither library is going to make a mediochre composer or MIDI tech sound good - actually no library will do that. There\'s no magic here folks: a good writer can make either library sound decent and a bad one can easily create a bunch of synthy sounding junk.
    Although I\'m glad to have gotten both, if I had to get just one I suppose it would be GPO but I say that hesitantly.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">--------

    I\'m really glad to read something like this, and want to thank you for that, Runamuck.
    Sometimes it sounds as if a war was declared between two sides in the world : the GPOs and the Silvers....
    It\'s really crazy IMO and that\'s why I feel like seconding you : we do have to remember, at each minute of our musical life, that even the best library in the world (cheap or expensive) will be just as good as WE allow it to be.
    For sure, the more articulations we get, the more PCs we get to make them run, and the more convincing our music MAY be (if we work hard and do our best).
    But let\'s be realistic, we are lucky enough to live NOW, at a time when we have quite other options than just Vitous or Advanced Orch, and this for just a portion of the price.
    So for sure the choice may be difficult (demos are good on both sides), and hesitations may be great, but hell, can\'t we buy one this month, and the other two or three months later ?
    Why this useless passionate debate ? Are we talking about $5000 investment ?
    I own GPO, and do like it.
    But I listened to very impressive demos of Silver too.
    What i\'m sure of is that, with my current skills, i will not do the tenth of what I heard was done with Silver, or with GPO... (not to mention with other -more expensive, sorry, Nexus- libraries)
    So what ?
    Is there to be a bad and a good guy in this field too ?
    Are there mass destruction weapons somewhere in Gary\'s or Nick\'s lands ??
    Maybe (and simply) both guys are good... but just WE are not.

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