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Topic: When Might I expect

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    When Might I expect

    Ok, Here\'s the deal. I ordered a paypal credit card just to order GPO and KHSS. However, a buddy of mine who manages the local music store was thumbing through a catalog of his (the store\'s) and told me that he could order GPO for me from the store through this catalog (I dont know the title of the catalog). So I thought that in the spirit of helping my local music store I would give them the order. He called right then to whoever he gets it from and th3ey told them that, altiogh they didnt have it right then to ship to him, he should be getting it in \"any time\". Meanwhile, the next day, my credit card arrived and I\'m wondering if I shouldnt have just waited to order it myself for the whole time factor. I guess what I\'m asking is: Are there any major hold-ups on orders to middle men type catalogs like this or can I expect to recieve it fairly soon? And yes, I realize that I\'ve just got a horrible case of gear(virtual) lust and that it will be satisfied eventually but meanwhile, I\'m dyin here. Antbody have any words of encouragement?

    Eric W

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    Re: When Might I expect

    Unfortunately, I am in the same situation, where I ordered GPO from Sweetwater a couple months ago now and have yet to receive it. I talked with Sweetwater a few days ago and they were told they\'d receive about 50 copies on the 28th of this month but they haven\'t gotten anything.. So, I\'d reccommend just ordering direct from Gary, in the past few months I\'ve witnessed people getting their order in just a few days that way.

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    Re: When Might I expect

    Nothing against Sweetwater, but I got frustrated w/ them after waiting for a month for a copy that would arrive \"any day\", canceled my order with them, ordered direct from Gary and got my copy in 2 days. Now THAT is customer service.

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    Re: When Might I expect

    In defense of Sweetwater, let me just say that I have ordered several things from them over the past few years and have never gotten anything less than exceptional service. I would happily recommend them to anybody.

    (I did order my GPO direct from Garritan, though. Hmm...)

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    Re: When Might I expect

    I\'ve had one experience with Sweetwater. I had to wait quite awhile to get my order. They were very professional about it, called me on the phone -- but I was a little disturbed by the message on my machine.

    It went something to the effect of \"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your microphone is on back order and won\'t be available until February. I\'m curious to know why you chose that particular microphone. If you call us, maybe we can set you up with something else.\"

    I don\'t know if they were just being helpful, trying to get something to me right away, or they were pulling a classic bait and switch. I never called them back.

    The microphone then came about a week before they said it would. It looked like it had been packaged by a pissed off monkey -- the box looked like something they\'d grabbed at the Costco checkout bin -- but the microphone was in great shape and works like a charm.

    In the end, all worked out fine. But I may hesitate a bit before ordering from them again.

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    Re: When Might I expect

    NOOOOOOOOOOooooo! Say it isnt so please. I didnt order it from Sweetwater. It was from a local store. Not a big one, and they ordered it through a catalog of some sort. I will be so depressed if it takes forever and I could have had it in a couple days if I just would of waited on more day for my credit card to come in. I kinda wish Mr Garritan would respond to this post and maybe let me know what I could expect. The store called California to make the order but that\'s all I know. Surely Mr Garritan has an idea of what back orders he has and how quickly they are being filled. Please?


    Eric W

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    Re: When Might I expect

    We\'re trying to get product to the retailers as soon as possible. There were some issues with the Kontakt Player which have been reolved. This had held up our retail shipments. We are in replication and hope to get our shipment soon. Please email or PM me about the status of an order.

    Gary Garritan

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