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Topic: cheers to garrry for amazing harp glissando (GPO)

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    Re: cheers to garrry for amazing harp glissando (GPO)


    Thanks go to Tom for programming the glissando packets.

    Being a harpist, I\'ve always enjoyed performing glissandos. This real-time approach seems to be advantageous over tweaking recorded glisses which require time-stretching and pitch-shifting.
    We have many more harps that I would like to include in a future add-on pack or library.

    Gary Garritan

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    cheers to garrry for amazing harp glissando (GPO)

    It wasn\'t untill recently that I had tried the harp glissando patches, and I am just AMAZED at the playability. I\'ve always dreamed of playing harp glissandos like this. Great work to Garry and his team! I can\'t wait to use this in my compositions.

    If any of you still haven\'t tried the glissando patches... get ready for some fun. I sat there like for 30 minutes just running my fingers up and down the keys.

    By the way, harp glissando 2 sounds more familiar to me out of the 2. It that like the more popular out of the 2?

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