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Topic: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

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    Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    To all the experienced orchestrators out there.
    What would be a good addition to complement GPO. I´m not sure if EQL Silver would be a good choice but more specialised libraries such as KH solo strings or SAM Brass. Any opinions on this.
    BTW: This site (especially the GPO part) is extremely helpful. In Germany we say:\"Like the master so the servant\"
    It seems that Gary´s wonderful attitude towards his customers bounces back in a very positive way [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    I can\'t speak about KH Solo Strings, but the SAM package is extraordinary. Although GPO is fantastic, its brass cannot compare to those found in SAM. IMV, the two complement each other very, very well. And don\'t forget the free (or Paypal shareware if you are so inclined) and very musical G-Town series of sampled instruments: http://gtown.has.it/

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    What sound are looking to add to GPO? If you\'re looking to spice up the brass, then SAM Horn products are wonderful. If you just want to add more colors to your palette, then add something like the Silver library. If you want more percussion, then LOP is nice and works well under Kontakt. You don\'t mention what soft-sampler you\'re using.

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    \"What sound are looking to add to GPO?\"

    Refer to my earlier post for the sounds.

    Don\'t get me wrong, GPO is wonderful tool for orchestral writers/arrangers thanks to Gary. However, with the addition of a few more instruments, writers/arrangers for concert band could also find GPO as a one stop shop.

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    If Saxophones (alto, tenor, Bari) and Euphonium/Baritone where added to the collection, all of the instruments for Concert Band would be represented.

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    I think Ned nailed it with the G-Town suggestion. And I\'ve been using a lot of Opus 1 together with GPO and like the results.

    There\'s also an older brass library that everyone seems to have forgotten about, but I think is pretty good, especially when you figure in the price: the Bigga Gigga brass collection. I\'ve been using it with GPO very successfully.

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    Re: Additions for GPO: Any suggestions?

    I have GigaStudio and the ability to use other libs. But, it is nice to be able to render under one program (I use Sonar).

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