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Topic: GPO for POP???

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    GPO for POP???

    Sorry asking this here, as this is clearly an orchestral package, but: I am looking for a string library I can use for pop/rock/jazz stuff. Currently I am looking at the Sonic Implant strings. How do you vote for GPO strings on this??? Any other suggestions (I probably get Ultimate strings also)?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: GPO for POP???

    I\'m using GPO for my alternative pop/rock compositions and would go as far as stating that it\'s the perfect choice. The overall sound is not as full, detailed and varied as the bigger libraries (or in fairness the much bigger libraries because GPO goes surprisingly far). But this is an advantage in pop compositions where the orchestra has to find a place in the mix instead of being the mix.
    I\'m not saying that GPO sounds thin, just that I find it easier to work with and mix than other string or orchestral samples that I\'ve worked with. It just blends well and works as it is with little or no tweaking.
    Another advantage is that it requires less of your system, thus it\'s easy to work with in an already complex arrangement where you want to add orchestral parts.

    It\'s a pity that the GPO demo pages only have focus on classical compositions, because this baby can rock too! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GPO for POP???

    While you wouldn\'t want to try Kansas or The Dixie Dregs with GPO, I think it could be ideal for a backing section on a pop tune - especially if it\'s an emotional ballad that soars and dives. Here\'s why:

    * As mentioned it\'s doesn\'t have a huge sound that will compete with the rest of the mix.

    * It works best on the mellow side, rather than the Bernard Herrmann side, which is good for pop backing.

    And most importantly:

    * The expression is driven completely by the mod-wheel, so you can track what the song is doing. There\'s no problem with an articulation moving too quickly or slowly. This lets GPO follow, rather than try to lead.

    There are things GPO does well, and things it doesn\'t. As long as you like the general sound of the strings, the GPO strings would likely work exceptionally well for backing an emotional, dynamic pop song.

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    Re: GPO for POP???

    Thanks guys,
    wirebird. Can you possibly post a tune of yours?

    Jon: What can I do. My Edirol PCR-80 has a lot of controls but no mod-wheel. As I haven\'T yet digged into it that much I don\'t know if I can use any of the other controllers for mod-wheel stuff...



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    Re: GPO for POP???

    Definitely! Depends how strong a sound you want, but with some EQ, and in my case some overdrive, you can get some pretty strong sounds. (heh, the \"overdrive\" part is a trick of trade I guess) Use the GPO strings as they are, and you\'ll have very mellow sounds. I also used to think that GPO strings had extremely weak attack, but as you can hear from my disco demo, it is not the case at all.

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    Re: GPO for POP???


    If you get GPO, definitely get something to drive it\'s mod wheel. Hopefully, you can assign a fader to that control number (CC#1).

    In my opinion GPO with a static mod-wheel is lifeless. Start moving the mod-wheel and it suddenly comes to life.

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    Re: GPO for POP???


    I used the PCR-80 to demo GPO at NAMM a couple weeks ago. You can assign almost anything to the faders including modulation (CC1). I programmed the first slider with CC1 and the 2nd one with CC20 (glide). I recommend using the PCR Editor programming which is pretty fast to setup and then you send the setup to the PCR-80. You can save your setup in the PCR Editor so you can recall it later and make changes. Don\'t forget to save your setup on the PCR-80.

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    Re: GPO for POP???

    Thank you guys for all the great advise!!!

    kensuguro: you say: \"I also used to think that GPO strings had extremely weak attack, but as you can hear from my disco demo, it is not the case at all.\"

    Did this have to do with the way you used the program?

    thankx in advance


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    Re: GPO for POP???

    Originally posted by oldh:
    wirebird. Can you possibly post a tune of yours?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I don\'t have any finished songs using GPO as I have been tied up in too much work since I got it, but here\'s a song that uses GOS:


    It\'s written together with a friend of mine that has GOS (steve_t here at NS) and he did all the orchestral parts for it. It\'s all his fault that christmas was so poor because I had to spend my last money on GPO... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Although GOS is a bigger library, as far as I\'ve tried GPO for this song to compare the sound of the libraries, I think that similar results could have been achieved with GPO and the difference would probably be negligible in the final mix.
    But then again I really like the sound of GOS too, so I will probably have to sacrifice next christmas as well...


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