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Topic: Thanks to everyone on this board...

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    Thanks to everyone on this board...

    This forum appears to be the only refuge from the insanity that is the main board on NS. I\'d just like to say thanks to everyone who keeps this board mostly civil and constructive. It really is sad to see this kind of behavior from people who call themselves professionals, but hey, what do I know, I\'m only an outsider looking in. It\'s like a bad drama around here right now. Thank god for the semblance of sanity that surrounds the Garritan board. And Houston, don\'t let the btards get to you. I don\'t know what crawled up a certain individuals butt and died, but it must have been huge. I think anyone who posts songs on NS should be applauded just for the brass it takes to do so.

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    Re: Thanks to everyone on this board...

    That\'s a great attitude Joseph, we need about 2,000 more members like you, then we can start our own civilized NS...

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    Re: Thanks to everyone on this board...

    Unfortunately there are many that think the price of GPO equals a cheap library. There are many who equate price=quality. As the users of GPO we know otherwise! Some may feel they have overspent or just feel that they are superior to the GPO users. The superior attitude reminds me of snobby rich people who feel their better than the poor people (these are usually people that aren\'t the rich and famous which equal the NS users with the expensive libraries but haven\'t made a name for themselves in the music biz).

    Gary has made a quality library with very innovative features at a price that the regular person (hobbyist, students and even pros) can use. He has created a paradigm shift which makes a few uneasy.

    I received a different response at NAMM while doing demos of GPO. The pros were very thankful for this library. Many were just tired of the large articulation laden libraries and were just impressed at the flexibility, programming and sound of GPO. Most were astounded at the price!

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